Meet our North East Service team

As a company with a reputation for excellent customer service, we take real pride in selecting the best engineers in the industry, as well as training the next generation of engineers through our apprenticeship program. Our engineers have decades of experience between them and are always here to help – whether you have a technical question or just need some advice.

  • Gary Pook

    Gary Pook

    Service Manager

    Gary has been in the industrial for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge in UKAS calibration and repairs, a good grasp on the commercial aspects of a growing service business ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Steven Bowles

    Steven Bowles

    Senior Service Engineer

    Steven has over 15 years of experience in the weighing industry, supervises our North East service centre in County Durham, well known in the area by a variety of customers Steven is constantly helping our new customers get back on track with their calibrations & repairs.

  • John Davison

    Service Engineer

    John has a wealth of calibration knowledge for UKAS and ISO9001 standards in industrial and laboratory environments. His addition to the team signifies the investment being made in our customers satisfaction levels.

  • James Nattrass

    James Nattrass

    Service Engineer

    James joins MWS to support the North East service team in UKAS calibrations, breakdowns and repairs. He will be working closely with Steven Bowles and John Davison at our Drum Industrial Estate office.

Why do we hear so much about MWS from third parties in the North East?

Since moving into the North East we have provided an alternative, this has not been well received by local competition. We believe in healthy competition and winning business for the right reasons. Strong competition improves the industry.

Some of our recent clients such as PCCA, Quantum Pharma, Greggs and Saft Batteries all chose MWS for the right reasons and the benefits we bring to their business.

It’s always nice to be talked about, it means we’re doing something right….

Why should I consider MWS for our servicing and calibration?

We are a group of individuals with a strong background in weighing who are client focused with a service first mentality rather than satisfying shareholders returns.

  • We will never increase your agreement by more than 3% per annum for the same assets.
  • We never pressurise, coerce or threaten you to renew agreements.
  • We provide extremely competitive rates for UKAS and ISO 9001 calibrations.
  • Experienced engineers complete your calibrations, not unaccompanied trainees.
  • Our approach is to try and repair first, rather than push the sale of new goods.
  • We give you direct access to knowledgeable individuals who will solve your problem

Is MWS big enough to cope with our repairs and orders?

We operate from two sites; the head office located in Leicester is a purpose built 15,000sq ft factory, and from this site we design, manufacture and service a wide range of weighing equipment. Our second site is a regional service centre located just outside of Chester-le-Street, this site supports our northern clients with three highly experienced engineers who work at this site.

Our engineers are tasked to always try and repair customers equipment onsite, in the event machines are brought away to be repaired our swift turnaround time means we rarely have racks full of machines awaiting assessment. Another good reason to consider choosing MWS.

MWS has physical business addresses for engineers to operate from safely and efficiently. We do not ask engineers to operate a repair business from their home, neither do we state online that their home address is a workshop.

We are the largest scale company in the North East region in terms engineer availability, overall workable business space and the scope to supply – something which cannot be disputed even by our most vocal competitors.

Are your engineers experienced enough?

The MWS service team is led by Gary Pook, Gary has been in the industry for 20 years, first as an engineer and now as the service manager, as with any business our engineers have a blend of skills, abilities and experiences in the weighing industry.

Our senior engineers all have over 15 years’ experience in a number of weighing disciplines from heavy industry and weighbridges through to laboratory balances and mass comparators.

We also invest in the future of the service team through talent acquisition and a strong apprenticeship program with excellent mentorship from senior engineers. Our senior engineers are keen to pass on learned experience and knowledge to the next generation of engineers.

MWS never send trainees unaccompanied to carry out work; this is against company policy and unethical behaviour.

Training records for all of our engineers are available upon request to provide assurances that MWS are sending the right engineer for your job.

Does your accreditation meet our needs?

Of course, it would be embarrassing and uneducated for someone to argue otherwise.

We have ISO 9001 accreditation via the National Measurements Office (NMO) and ISO 17025 from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). We can provide “Standard” ISO 9001 certification or “UKAS” ISO 17025 certification, our certification process and documentation has been approved by NMO and UKAS.

In the interest of transparency, during our most recent UKAS audit (2020) we received just four minor non-conformances. Up to date accreditation documentation can be downloaded from our website at

Do your certificates provide the information we require?

We use the CaliPro calibration document system. This application provides consistent certification that is easily downloadable from our online portal approximately 24 hours following the calibration visit by an engineer.

Suffice to say UKAS and NMO are both happy with our certificates and have passed these during audits.

A copy of our UKAS or ISO 9001 calibration certificate template can be provided upon request.

Who owns MWS Ltd?

MWS is owned by Ortu Group Ltd, directors Andrew Clarke, Kelvin Cooper and Lindsay Clarke

The top level management team of Andrew Clarke, Kelvin Cooper, Jim Harper and Gary Pook have over 100 years of collective experience across the weighing industry.

We hope this has answered any questions you may have about us. If you do have any other questions, we’re always available to assist. Our Managing Director makes himself available for all customers and can be contacted directly on 0797 322 3000 if you wish to discuss any concerns.

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