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  • Maximum input voltage: 24Vdc.
  • Maximum input current: 700mA.
  • Maximum input load cell signal: 1000mV.
  • Temperature effect: 50ppm/°C.
  • Protection diodes against surcharges or electrostatic discharges.
IP Rating IP65
Material Stainless steel case.
Dimensions JB6QI 190 x 132 x 50mm
Dimensions JB4QI 155 x 158 x 45mm
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ATEX Rated Stainless steel junction box with IP66 protection from water and dust, and fitted with an intrinsically safe electronic board for junction and equalisation of load cells. Terminal boards with screws for ease of the connection of the load cells and signal adjustment trimmer, for an accurate and reliable equalisation.

Designed and made according to the ATEX directive, group II category 2GD, according to the IEC/EN60079-0, IEC/EN60079-11, and IEC/EN60079-31 norms.

ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIC T6 Gb for gases.
ATEX II 2D Ex tb IIIC T115°C Db IP65 for dust.

JB1AI – Stainless steel IP66, ATEX, junction box for up to 1 cell.
JB2QAI – Stainless steel IP66, ATEX, equalisation box for up to 2 load cells.
JB3QAI – Stainless steel IP66, ATEX, equalisation box for up to 3 load cells.
JB4QAI – Stainless steel IP66 ATEX equalisation box for up to 4 cells.