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  • Multi-frequency technology
  • Simple, functional electronics
  • Stable, safe and easily serviced mechanics
  • Conformity with standards
Linear speed up to 65 m/min
Power supply 230v 50/60Hz
Environment IP54-IP65
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Additional Info

Metal detector for small sized loose and packaged products.

Using a compact metal head allows you to fulfil the requirement to check for metal contaminants even in very limited spaces, while also managing contaminated product collection.

The multi-frequency electronics, combined with advanced functions – like self-check, automatic calibration and tracking – guarantee top level performance and fully meet the most common standards (including, among others: BRC, Marks & Spencer…) and the need to minimise false rejects.

The possibility of configuring both conveyor stop and the rejection and reject collection systems allows you to configure the machine based on the inspection needs and the available budget, always ensuring product safety and brand protection.

A wide range of available accessories allows you to configure the machine in the most suitable way to inspect the most common formats in the food sector like sacks, boxes and cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes with no metal parts.

The transit aperture inner ring in food-safe plastic allows the machine to be used even with loose product.