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  • Multi-frequency technology
  • Simple, functional electronics
  • Stable, safe and easily serviced mechanics
  • Conformity with standards
Power supply 230v 50/60Hz
Environment IP54-IP65
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Additional Info

Metal detectors for granular and powder products in high flow tubing and piping.

The instrument is used in vertical packaging lines: the product goes through the circular transit aperture which, upon detecting metal contaminants, emits an alarm, allowing it to be removed.

The MDC11 is positioned immediately upstream of the packaging machine, just before the product falls into the package, in order to exclude the possibility of further contaminants getting in between detection and closing the package, which can be made from any material.

The transit aperture is made with inert materials that ensure the coil is completely sealed. The multi-frequency electronics, combined with advanced functions – like self-check, automatic calibration and tracking – guarantee top level performance and fully meet the most common standards (including, among others: BRC, Marks & Spencer…) and the need to minimise false rejects.

Product transit aperture diameter: 130 to 240 mm, with a maximum scanning potential of 100 m/minute and it is able to detect any type of metal contaminant: ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless.