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  • BM Series microbalance
  • BM Series microbalance


  • Easy, fanless elimination of static electricity using a built-in ionizer
  • Large weighing chamber for improved usability
  • Built-in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure sensors
  • Clearly visible, white-backlit LCD
Capacity 0-520g
Increment 1μg to 0.1mg
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Additional Info

Introducing the innovative micro balance! Accurate measurement for precision weighing with micrograms readability. The BM Series has a double-ring structure around the weighing pan and two vertical shields under the separation plate to block drafts.

BM-20 22g 1μg Ø 25mm
BM-22* 22g/5.1g 0.01mg/1μg (50 and 95mm for filter pans)
BM-252 250g 0.01mg Ø 90mm
BM-200 220g 0.1mg Ø 90mm
BM-300 320g 0.1mg Ø 90mm
BM-500 520g 0.1mg Ø 90mm