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  • Backlit 40mm LCD display with 6 high contrast digits
  • Stainless steel IP67 load cell
  • Multi colour backlight for check weighing
  • Easy to program tolerances

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Weighing Area 250 x 250mm
Power Mains or Battery
Battery Life 40 Hours
Material / Finish Polished Stainless Steel
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Additional Info

Easy to programme and use, versatile and high performing IP68 stainless steel weight indicator. The 40mm big coloured backlit display gives a clear view of the weight and helps the user during the weighing operations.

The concept was to create a low cost hygienic weighing scale for use on production lines and supplied in multiple quantities to control portion size and manage target weighing. The Salus features two single pieces of 304 stainless steel with the lower plate angled to allow the terminal to be mounted at the rear. There are three feet on the Salus checkweigher, this eliminates the need to level off a rocking scale that has four feet.

The terminal features a traffic light process going from Amber – Under, OK – Green and Red – Over making portion control super simple for operators

The Salus is designed and manufactured by MWS Ltd at the HO in Leicester.