Albex Group Acquires Rainbow Dust, Sweetening the Deal in Food Art Industry

In a move that promises to add a touch of colour and sparkle to the world of confectionery and cake decoration, The Albex Group has recently sealed a sweet deal worth £800,000, acquiring Rainbow Dust from Real Good Food

This acquisition marks a significant step in the Albex Group’s expansion strategy, bringing together two key players in the world of food art products.

Rainbow Dust’s Shining Legacy

Rainbow Dust, founded in 2008, has earned its stripes as a reputable producer of food colorings, edible paints, and glitters, cherished by both professionals and consumers alike for their ability to transform sweet bakes into works of art. 

Based in Preston and boasting a BRC AA+ accredited facility, Rainbow Dust is also known for manufacturing essential sugar craft items, such as texturizers, icing whiteners, and edible glue. 

Furthermore, its commitment to quality and innovation has garnered it a loyal customer base over the years.

Albex Group: A Global Force

Albex, on the other hand, supplies an extensive range of ingredients brands to bakers, confectioners, foodservice operators, and retailers. With renowned names like GFP (Great Food Products), Henley Bridge, Kent Foodservice, Tom Walker & Sons, and YesChef! already under its banner, the addition of Rainbow Dust further enriches Albex’s portfolio.

The Albex Group, an industry heavyweight, possesses a fleet of over 60 vehicles and owns a staggering 400,000 square feet of ambient and chilled storage across nine BRC accredited sites throughout the United Kingdom and Europe

Moreover, currently serving approximately 5,000 trade customers annually, the group reported impressive sales of £304 million in 2022, reflecting its prominence in the food industry.

Strategic Vision and Growth Potential

A spokesperson for Albex described Rainbow Dust as a highly respected brand and expressed their delight at the acquisition. They emphasised that Rainbow Dust’s wide range of high-quality food art products enjoys a sterling reputation among cake makers and confectioners, from hobbyists and semi-professionals to large-scale manufacturers.

Despite being part of the Albex Group, Rainbow Dust will continue to operate as an independent business, retaining its sharp focus on food colorings and decorations. 

What’s more, The Albex Group’s commitment to supporting Rainbow Dust’s growth by providing financial backing and leveraging its substantial infrastructure is set to drive the brand to new heights in the industry. 

This collaboration will be sure to open up exciting possibilities for further product development and market expansion.

Real Good Food’s Strategic Shift

As a result of this acquisition, Real Good Food is now exploring strategic options, potentially involving the sale of its remaining business, JF Renshaw, as it reshapes its corporate strategy to align with evolving market dynamics. 

This move underscores the ever-changing landscape of the food industry and the need for businesses to adapt and innovate to stay competitive.

A Vibrant Future Ahead

In conclusion, the Albex Group’s acquisition of Rainbow Dust adds a brilliant hue to the world of food art products. With its commitment to maintaining Rainbow Dust’s autonomy and enhancing its market presence, Albex aims to take the brand to even greater heights. 

Furthermore, this colourful partnership promises to delight cake makers, confectioners, and consumers alike, as both companies continue to thrive in their respective sweet spots within the food industry. 

As Rainbow Dust and Albex come together, their shared vision for creativity and excellence is poised to brighten the culinary world, one dazzling confection at a time.

News Credits: Albex Group acquires food decorations producer in £800k deal with Real Good Food

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