Arla Announces Solar Partnerships to Power UK Operations

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable practices, Arla, the renowned dairy cooperative, has joined forces with ENGIE and Infinis to unveil plans for two cutting-edge solar parks under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). 

This visionary initiative is set to revolutionise Arla’s UK operations, making a significant leap towards their ambitious climate net-zero target. As a shining example of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship, the project promises to create a positive impact on the environment while driving the dairy industry towards a greener future.

The two new solar parks are slated for operation in 2024, strategically located in Boston, Lincolnshire and Offham, Kent. Together, these sites will generate an impressive 23,000 MWh of energy annually, supplying approximately 20% of Arla’s total energy requirements from renewable sources

What’s more, such a substantial shift to clean energy is expected to result in significant savings of approximately 4,439 tonnes of CO2 per year, making a resounding statement about the dairy giant’s commitment to sustainability.

Even more notably, the solar parks will be developed on sites that were previously used as landfill, a remarkable example of repurposing disused land for a truly eco-friendly purpose. By converting these landfill sites into thriving solar energy centres, Arla, ENGIE, and Infinis are not only embracing renewable energy but also making a remarkable positive contribution to waste reduction and land restoration

Furthermore, this sustainable approach marks a turning point in the dairy industry’s efforts to tackle environmental challenges head-on.

Speaking about the partnership, the Vice President of production at Arla underscored the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering natural, nutritious dairy products while championing the best possible production methods. With palpable pride, he emphasised that committing to two new solar parks is a testament to Arla’s core values, which prioritise environmental responsibility. By harnessing solar energy, the cooperative is significantly reducing its carbon footprint and serving as a model for sustainable practices in the food industry.

Moreover, as part of their bold Climate Action Roadmap, Arla is well on its way to achieving its target of transitioning to 100% renewable electricity across all production sites by the end of 2025. This strategic move will account for a staggering 58% reduction in emissions from production operations by 2030. 

More impressively, the overall commitment to use 100% recyclable packaging for branded products by the same deadline demonstrates a comprehensive approach to sustainability, leaving no aspect of their business untouched by green innovation. Additionally, Arla is actively supporting its farmers in adopting more sustainable feed production practices, driving eco-friendly agriculture from the ground up.

The chief operating officer at ENGIE Energy Supply UK echoed their firm commitment to accelerating the growth of renewables. With an ambitious goal to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2045, ENGIE stands alongside its partners, Arla and Infinis, as a champion of environmental progress. Understanding the unique needs of their customers, ENGIE collaborates with like-minded organisations to create timely, impactful solutions that propel the transition to sustainable energy sources.

On another note, the chief commercial officer at Infinis also expressed profound satisfaction in their collaboration with Arla and ENGIE to deliver clean renewable power and contribute to the net-zero commitment. This partnership goes beyond the conventional pursuit of green energy; it safeguards higher-grade agricultural land from unwanted development, thereby supporting both food security and energy security

With this landmark project as a stepping stone, Infinis envisions a future filled with similar initiatives that strike a harmonious balance between energy needs and environmental preservation.

What’s more, Arla’s dedication to sustainable energy sources doesn’t stop with large-scale solar parks. The recently completed installation of roof-mounted solar panels on its Oswestry site is a testament to the cooperative’s multifaceted approach. During peak hours, these panels are capable of generating 800KW, contributing approximately 12% of the site’s annual electricity consumption and preventing a staggering 137,920kg of carbon emissions.

In conclusion, Arla’s trailblazing solar partnerships with ENGIE and Infinis stand as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving positive change. By tapping into renewable energy sources and repurposing landfill sites, the dairy cooperative is leading the way towards a more sustainable future for the entire food industry. 

Furthermore, their relentless commitment to achieving climate net-zero by 2050, transitioning to renewable electricity, and adopting eco-friendly packaging reflects a holistic approach to sustainability. Through innovative collaborations and comprehensive initiatives, Arla is painting a brighter, greener, and more prosperous tomorrow for all.

News Credits: Arla to power UK operations with two new solar parks

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