Burts Invests £6 Million in Leicester Factory, Expanding Capacity

Burts, the renowned snack manufacturer, is making waves in the industry with a colossal £6 million investment in its Leicester factory. This strategic move not only doubles its production capacity but also creates job opportunities and underscores its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

In the past year, Burts has undertaken a remarkable transformation at its Leicester facility. With a keen eye on meeting soaring demand, the company has spared no expense in upgrading its manufacturing capabilities. 

This ambitious project includes the installation of two cutting-edge fryers, a state-of-the-art bagging system, and an impressive 14 compression poppers, all designed to meet the growing demand for their beloved Lentil Chips

In addition to these innovations, Burts has taken steps to double its potato storage capacity and modernise its handling operations, ensuring efficiency at every step of the production process.

This impressive endeavour has not only resulted in enhanced manufacturing capabilities but has also translated into tangible opportunities for job seekers. A total of 16 new positions have been created, specifically geared towards frying and popping operatives. 

Burts’ Managing Director, brimming with enthusiasm, stated that this substantial investment empowers them to double their production capacity in Leicester, ensuring they can keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for their products. What’s more, it places them in an ideal position to continue their growth trajectory and maintain their reputation for innovation in the snacking category.

However, Burts’ commitment extends beyond expanding production. In a world increasingly concerned about sustainability, the company is taking bold steps to reduce its environmental footprint

This commitment encompasses initiatives such as minimising its UK packaging, sourcing electricity from a local Devon solar farm, and securing all potatoes within an 85-mile radius of its Plymouth headquarters. These initiatives reflect a profound awareness of the responsibility towards the environment and a dedication to preserving it for future generations.

Moreover, Burts acknowledged that while they have made significant strides in sustainability, there is still a long road ahead. Yet, they are resolute in their belief that these changes represent a vital step in the right direction for both the business and the planet. Their commitment to producing great-tasting hand-cooked snacks remains unwavering, even as they embrace eco-friendly practices.

Earlier this year, Burts experienced a pivotal moment when it was acquired by European snack producer Europe Snacks. This strategic partnership was designed to better serve existing clients and unlock growth potential through a wider array of snacking products. 

However, this change in ownership has not altered Burts’ core identity, and it continues to operate from its two manufacturing sites in Leicester and Plymouth.

In conclusion, Burts’ substantial £6 million investment in its Leicester factory stands as a testament to its dedication to meeting surging demand and its unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

The company’s determination to reduce its environmental impact while delivering exceptional hand-cooked snacks exemplifies its forward-thinking approach. 

And finally, as they look ahead to the future, Burts remains poised to thrive in the competitive snacking industry, and this significant investment marks a giant leap forward on that exciting journey.

News Credits: Burts doubles capacity and creates jobs in £6m factory investment

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