Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses Welcomes Hampshire Cheese Company

In a groundbreaking move within the UK cheese industry, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, a fourth-generation Lancashire business, has announced the acquisition of the prestigious Hampshire Cheese Company

This strategic partnership not only consolidates Butlers’ position as the largest independent soft cheesemaker in the United Kingdom, but also signifies a union of craftsmanship and tradition, poised to redefine the nation’s cheese landscape.

Established in 2005 by the visionary Stacey Hedges, the Hampshire Cheese Company has risen to prominence as an artisanal cheese producer, earning accolades for its signature Tunworth and Winslade cheeses

Renowned for their rich flavour profiles and meticulous craftsmanship, these cheeses epitomise the artistry and dedication synonymous with the Hampshire Cheese Company.

With immediate effect, Tunworth and Winslade will seamlessly integrate into Butlers’ extensive product lineup, complementing an already impressive array of own-label and branded offerings, including the beloved Button Mill and Kidderton Ash

Furthermore, the acquisition, executed for an undisclosed sum, underscores Butlers’ strategic commitment to expanding its soft cheese portfolio and catering to the evolving preferences of discerning consumers.

Speaking on behalf of Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, the fourth-generation owner expressed profound excitement at the prospect of welcoming Tunworth and Winslade into their family of artisanal cheeses. 

They remarked that bringing two exceptional cheeses like Tunworth and Winslade into their fold is incredibly exciting and aligns perfectly with their long standing soft cheese strategy, emphasising the brand’s dedication to upholding the quality and reputation established by Stacey Hedges and her team.

Echoing this sentiment, Stacey Hedges herself expressed gratitude for the opportunity to join forces with Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, citing a shared commitment to driving the British cheese renaissance forward. 

She expressed that the company’s mission has always been to champion the exceptional cheeses produced in Britain, and they are privileged to embark on this journey with Butlers, underscoring the mutual vision for expanding access to premium British cheeses.

Despite facing adversity, including a devastating fire at its office and parking site in November 2023, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses demonstrated resilience and fortitude. Within hours of the incident, the dedicated family cheesemakers rallied to resume operations at the dairy, ensuring that their range of farmhouse soft cheeses remained available to customers throughout the holiday season. 

What’s more, by early February, the iconic lineup of blue cheeses, including the flagship brand Blacksticks, had been fully restored, a testament to Butlers’ unwavering commitment to quality and continuity.

In conclusion, the acquisition of the Hampshire Cheese Company by Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses marks a watershed moment in the annals of British cheese-making. This strategic alliance not only solidifies Butlers’ position as a powerhouse within the industry but also heralds a new chapter of collaboration and innovation

As Tunworth and Winslade join forces with Butlers’ esteemed lineup of cheeses, consumers can anticipate and look forward to a veritable symphony of flavours, celebrating the rich heritage and impressive diversity of British cheese-making traditions.

News Credits: Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses acquires Hampshire Cheese Company

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