Food scale for a large food manufacturer

Scaling Up: How MWS Helped a Food Manufacturer Realise Significant Savings on 300 Weighing Scales

A large FMCG manufacturer of readymade meals was facing a significant expense to replace over 300 obsolete weighing stations. MWS was able to provide a creative, cost-effective solution by upgrading existing equipment, resulting in significant CAPEX savings.


In 2022, MWS was approached by a large FMCG manufacturer of readymeals, operating from multiple production facilities.

As a fast-paced manufacturer, the client requires weighing scales that match their demands. A typical process at site includes a conveyor line with multiple takeaway stations each adding a single ingredient. These tight tolerances require accurate and reliable scales that operate at speed.

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The Food Manufacturer was informed by their supplier that over 300 weighing stations across multiple manufacturing sites were becoming obsolete.

The incumbent supplier quoted for brand new machines to replace the existing equipment. As this was an unplanned CAPEX project, the total cost was prohibitive, forcing the client to look for alternatives in the marketplace.

During discussions, existing problems surrounding response times to breakdowns were also raised. This was a cause for concern for the Food Manufacturer who needed engineers onsite faster than what was being previously delivered.


Drawing down on multiple facets of the business, MWS was able to rise to the challenge of creating a solution to upgrade the existing scales using expertise from the design, fabrication, service and systems departments to deploy a replacement system that not only met expectations but came in significantly under the customer’s expected budget.

The weighing stations were delivered to the MWS factory where new steel parts were fabricated and fitted to the existing stations. This allowed the weighing terminal to be upgraded to the MWS Micro6000 model that runs a bespoke takeaway app and connects to scale management software via Wi-Fi.

A key component of the upgraded machines is the hygienic design. Whereas the old equipment was prone to water gathering inside the terminal, the upgrade has been designed to ensure water and other contaminants are unable to penetrate the machine, which in turn will extend the life of the equipment.

The Food Manufacturer runs a dynamic and fast paced business where multiple production lines are in constant use, therefore it was important to minimise downtime and interruption. Because of this, the weighing stations were removed in small batches of ten to twelve units and returned two weeks later ready for use.


  • 300
    Scales refurbished
  • 50%
    CAPEX savings
  • 95%
    Reduction in call out waiting times


By choosing MWS as a partner, the group is expected to make significant savings over the forthcoming years. Furthermore, ongoing repair costs will be lower and response times to breakdowns have already improved due to the dedicated service team located near the group’s factories. 

The MWS option not only reduced the overall cost but also limited the amount of waste and energy created in building new stations by utilising the existing stainless steel stands and modifying them to suit the new terminal. 

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