Earth & Wheat: A Whirlwind Journey of Reducing Food Waste

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Hertfordshire, Earth & Wheat emerges as a beacon of sustainability, championing the cause of reducing food waste. 

Founded by the visionary James Eid in 2021, this subscription service has quietly revolutionised how customers perceive surplus produce, saving an astounding 600 tonnes of food waste since its inception three years ago.

The genesis of Earth & Wheat traces back to Eid’s family bakery, where the heart-wrenching sight of perfectly good bread destined for the bin sparked a relentless determination to effect change. 

Witnessing the sheer volume of food discarded daily, Eid embarked on a mission to rescue edible surplus and divert it from landfills. Thus, Earth & Wheat was born, pioneering the world’s first wonky bread subscription service.

The response was nothing short of remarkable. Within the initial six weeks, Earth & Wheat shattered expectations, selling an astonishing 10,000 boxes of wonky bread. This feat translated into the equivalent weight of 50 double-decker buses saved from becoming food waste

From that point on, what commenced as a modest venture soon burgeoned into a comprehensive solution to the crisis of food waste.

As Earth & Wheat now commemorates its third birthday, the company’s evolution is palpable. Expanding beyond its breadbox origins, the subscription service now collaborates with local farms, salvaging ‘wonky vegetables’ and broadening its impact on waste reduction.

Data from WRAP underscores the urgency of initiatives like Earth & Wheat, revealing that 16% of all UK food waste occurs at the production stage. Armed with this knowledge, Earth & Wheat sets its sights on a lofty goal: to rescue as much additional surplus produce as possible from landfills before the close of 2024.

Reflecting on the journey, Eid, now 22 years old, expresses his jubilation at Earth & Wheat’s third anniversary celebration, stating that it’s been a whirlwind three years. From the seed of an idea to a tangible force for change, their mission has remained unwavering; to mitigate food waste and foster a more sustainable future. 

What’s more, with optimism brimming, Eid and his team eagerly embrace the challenge of rescuing 1,000 tonnes of surplus by year-end, affirming their commitment to the planet and their customers.

In conclusion, Earth & Wheat stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and perseverance. 

Through their tireless efforts, Eid and his team have reshaped the narrative surrounding surplus produce, demonstrating that every box of wonky bread and every rescued vegetable represents a step towards a greener, more sustainable world.

News Credits: 50 double deckers’ worth of food waste rescued

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