Fresh Direct Factory Expands to Meet New Demand

In response to the recent surge in demand for their Fresh Kitchen brand, food manufacturer Fresh Direct has dedicated £2 million into their Bicester site. With their factory expansion, the company will be able to install extra ovens, blast chillers and a large-scale boiling pan – enabling them to increase production significantly. Based on the findings of Manufacturing Manager,James Chilton, he stated that “an acute shortage in proficient kitchen staff among caterers is to blame for the recent surge in orders”.

To keep up with the growing demand for Fresh Direct products, their manufacturing facility is primed to expand by 20%. This expansion will provide more space for crucial equipment such as ovens, blast chillers, and a high-volume boiling pan, which means that this equipment will be instrumental in helping them fulfil their four-fold demand increase from the beginning of this year. The projected completion date for the high-volume boiling pan is estimated to be early 2023.

Manufacturing Manager, James Chilton, cited the lack of qualified culinary personnel among caterers as the reason behind the increasing popularity of Fresh Kitchen products. The current shortage of available workers has caused many food items that were traditionally made in-house to now be sourced from companies like Fresh Direct. Thanks to the soaring demand, Fresh Direct was forced to expand its facility in order to meet all orders.

In spite of the rapid surge in demand, Fresh Direct remains devoted to preserving their quality standards through it all. They are confident that the innovative equipment will facilitate them to uphold their rigorous standards while still satisfying customer demands quickly and effectively. In addition, they are equipping their employees with the knowledge and expertise in handling and storing ingredients to ensure that only products of exceptional quality reach customers.

By investing in their Bicester facility, Fresh Direct has shown that they prioritise customer satisfaction and always strive to uphold their exceptional standards. By 2023, this company is poised to provide the highest-quality products at competitive prices with their high-volume boiling pan and other equipment upgrades. They are well on track towards achieving this ambitious goal and will exceed customers’ expectations in service. Food manufacturing companies must pay heed to this development; it is a clear reminder of the vital need to keep abreast with trends in their industry and invest in necessary updates when required, if they are determined to remain competitive within their market.

News Credits: Fresh Direct Increases Factory Size to Meet Demand

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