Mondi and Veetee Collaborate to Introduce Groundbreaking Paper-Based Packaging

In a remarkable feat of innovation and sustainability, global sustainable packaging leader Mondi has joined forces with Veetee, a renowned rice supplier, to unveil the UK’s first paper-based packaging solution for dry rice. 

This pioneering initiative not only aligns with the escalating consumer demand for eco-conscious packaging but also takes significant strides towards eliminating unsustainable packaging practices.

Veetee Rice, a brand that sprouted from a humble two-silo rice mill in Perivale, north-west London, in 1987, draws its inspiration from the ethos of family-run farms in India. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the foremost rice suppliers in the UK retail market. Now, they are set to redefine the packaging landscape with their latest sustainable offering.

At the heart of this groundbreaking development is Veetee’s new paper-packed rice, designed to provide consumers with a packaging option that is both environmentally responsible and functionally robust. 

What’s more, this revolutionary packaging solution harnesses the cutting-edge technology of Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper, ensuring it not only meets, but exceeds, industry standards for durability, protection, and sustainability.

Veetee’s Group Marketing Director expressed the brand’s unwavering commitment to eliminating unsustainable packaging practices, emphasising their immense pride in achieving a trailblazing milestone as the first to market in the United Kingdom. They are not only introducing paper packaging but also unveiling their innovative Rice Box, symbolising a commitment to sustainable packaging and consumer convenience.

The collaboration between Veetee and Mondi has been marked by a shared vision for sustainability and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly packaging solutions. Mondi, a recognised leader in sustainable packaging and paper, provided Veetee with a comprehensive in-house solution. 

This included sourcing certified renewable materials, producing certified kraft paper, integrating advanced barrier functionality, and executing precise printing, resulting in the delivery of final paper-based reels to Veetee for conversion and filling.

Furthermore, the development process involved rigorous testing and multiple trials to ensure that the packaging met the stringent barrier properties necessary to protect against moisture and maintain an extended shelf life. Furthermore, these paper-based packs have been awarded OPRL certification, signifying their wide acceptance for kerbside recycling across the UK.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword but a core principle for Mondi. Their corporate strategy centres on sustainability, with a resolute commitment to achieving circular-driven solutions by 2030. Veetee shares this dedication, aiming to attain net-zero emissions, reduce single-use plastics, and increase closed-loop recycling. Both companies are firmly focused on their MAP2030 target, which aims to make all their packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Regional Sales UK & Ireland Consumer Flexibles at Mondi enthusiastically shared their sentiments about the collaboration, highlighting the strong alignment between their commitment to sustainability and Veetee’s goals. Together, they are pioneering a sustainable future for packaging in the UK.

In conclusion, the partnership between Mondi and Veetee marks a monumental leap in sustainable packaging solutions. The introduction of paper-based packaging for dry rice not only responds to consumer demands for eco-friendly options but also serves as a testament to the companies’ unwavering dedication to a sustainable future. 

With their shared vision, technical expertise, and resolute commitment to sustainability, they are setting a remarkable example for the industry, ushering in a new era of sustainable packaging practices and significantly reducing environmental impact

Finally, Mondi and Veetee’s pioneering collaboration represents a historic milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable future for packaging in the United Kingdom and beyond.

News Credits: Veetee transitions to recyclable, paper-based packaging

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