New Procurement Project To Benefit Welsh Producers

Welsh food companies may benefit from a new project that will seek significant government procurement possibilities. Up to 50 food and drink producers are believed to benefit from the same.

Menter Môn, an Anglesey-based organisation funded by the Welsh government that is focused on coordinating and strengthening connections within local supply chains, is offering support and assistance to them as part of the Larder Cymru project. The aim is to make regionally produced food and drink appear as a great option for large contracts worldwide.

This initiative seeks to not only lower the carbon footprint, but also increase profitability for independent businesses in Wales and reduce the supply chain.

“We are working with the public sector purchasers, procurement officers and different organisations from local authorities, emergency services, the NHS, education providers and more to identify what they need and how we can bridge the gap for independent suppliers”; says Bethan Fraser-Williams, Project Director of Menter Môn. 

Applicants are being invited to submit themselves for consideration for the scheme, which will give them access to Larder Cymru’s consultant, who will mentor and advise them.


News Credits: Welsh producers to benefit from new procurement project

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