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  • Norsk Display


  • Reading distance 1 to 55m
  • IP65 and wide temperature range
  • Perfect in direct sunlight - and at night
Characters 7 segment 125mm
Enclosure Stainless steel front, laquered aluminium back.
Power 100-240Vac
Interface RS-232, RS-485/422, TTY-20mA
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Additional Info

A highly reliable and legible readout capable of maintenance free operation over years in harsh environments (IP65 – Nema 4x). Moderate power consumption yields longer life and lower lifetime cost. The stainless steel front will elegantly fit any office environment as well as outdoors in an industrial plant. Highest quality LEDs are used to extend product life and reliability.

Delivered complete for normal use. Additional selection of options such as other interfaces, power and mounting hardware is available.Large Red and Green light for use with Axle Weighers and Weighbridges giving stop/go commands to drivers.

IP-65 environmental protection, front serviceable and field programmable.

The 125mm LED is made for viewing distances up to minimum 45 meters.