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  • DTM Mild Steel Drive Through Scale


  • Designed for easy weighing of dolavs, racks and trolleys in manufacturing industries
  • The DTM is a compact low profile scale - it takes up the minimum of floor space
  • The main fabrication structure is folded from a single piece of stainless steel for extra strength and total flatness
  • Lifting handles double as ramp guides for trolleys
  • Lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the fabrication. Other components are covered for 5 years.
Capacity Options 150kg to 2000kg
Size Options 500 x 500mm to 2000 x 1500mm
Finish RAL 5015 Powder Coat
IP Rating IP67 load cells
Manufacturer MWS Ltd
Price From £2,945.00
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Additional Info

The DTM is a low profile drive through scale manufactured in mild steel and finished with a tough epoxy powder coat, not paint.

Our low profile platforms are manufactured using a one piece top plate. This ensures total flatness across the floor scale with no ugly welds.

Other options that complement the DTM range are an extra ramp for a true drive through style scale, or a back rail. This is a popular option for use when one edge is against a wall to stop loads exiting the platform by operator error.

With any platform manufactured by MWS there are a number of options and sizes available as standard, however we also have the ability to create one offs and bespoke systems to suit exact client specifications. These can include options such as alternative cable exits through to unique platform sizes to suit existing trolleys.

Model Weighing Area
Load Height
Total Footprint
Max Capacity
DTM75 750 x 750 45 1000 x 750 600
DTM8080 800 x 800 45 1050 x 800 1,000
DTM1010 1000 x 1000 45 1250 x 1000 1,000
DTM1212 1250 x 1250 55 1500 x 1250 1,500
DTM1212HD 1250 x 1250 55 1500 x 1250 2,000
DTM1515 1500 x 1500 55 1750 x 1500 3,000
DTM1515HD 1500 x 1500 55 1750 x 1500 3,000