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  • Designed for easy weighing of dolavs, racks and trolleys in manufacturing industries.
  • The DTSR is a compact unit - it takes up the minimum of floor space
  • The main fabrication structure is folded from a single piece of stainless steel for extra strength and total flatness
  • Lifting handles double as ramp guides for trolleys
  • Lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the fabrication, other components are covered for 5 years
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Finish Bead Blast
Capacity Range 150 - 1000Kg
Sizes 750 x 750mm or 1000 x 1000mm
Upgrades Back Rail / ATEX
Manufacturer MWS Ltd
Price From £3,895.00
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Additional Info

The DTSR range of Ultra Low Profile Platforms is designed for easy loading with the single ramp built into the scale for a compact all in one unit. The scale has an overall dimension of 750 x 750mm or 1000 x 1000mm.

The integral ramp is 250mm long and is 5mm from the floor at the leading edge.

This scale is very compact, taking up the minimum of floor space for its size. The scale base can be used with any one of the digital indicators shown on the left. If in doubt which would be most suited for your requirements, please contact us and we’d be more than happy to assist.

Model Weighing Area
Load Height
Total Footprint
Max Capacity
DTSR75 750 x 750 40 1000 x 750 600
DTSR1010 1000 x 1000 40 1250 x 1000 600
DTS2R75 750 x 750 40 1250 x 1000 600
DTMSR1010 1000 x 1000 40 1500 x 1250 600