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  • Hygeia Check Weigher
  • Hygeia Bench Scale


  • Single piece open frame design making cleaning an easy process.
  • Five rubber levelling feet with anti slip design
  • Heavy duty design eliminating flex under load
  • Variety of load cell options, from ATEX to IP69K
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Finish Bead Blast c/w Grained Platted
Sizes 250 x 250mm to 500 x 500mm
Capacities 1.5 kg to 60 kg
Load Cell C3 OIML Stainless Construct
Options ATEX / Battery / Mains
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Additional Info

The Hygeia is a single point bench platform scale fitted with a stainless steel load cell from Flintec, these units are designed and manufactured in Leicester by MWS. as standard the Hygeia is fitted with a DFWLID Weighing Indicator

Names after the Greek Goddess of Good Health the Hygeia has been targeted and users who require a hygenic weighing scale that is simple to clean and has a low overall cost of ownership

The hygienic fold flat plate design has been tested to destruction to ensure optimum strength-by-design, the open design makes cleaning simple and with less bug traps than a standard platform very hygienic and ideal for food factories

The Hygeia2 to Hygeia5 have five height adjustable food grade rubber feet for stability.

A feature of the Hygeia1 is it’s three feet creating a tripod effect, this eliminates wobble and makes the unit extremely easy to level when moved.

Model Size Platform Height Column Height Capacity Load Cell
Hygeia1 250 x 250 mm 85 mm N/A 1.5 – 10 kg Flintec PC1
Hygeia2 250 x 250 mm 85 mm 200 mm 1.5 – 10 kg Flintec PC1
Hygeia3 300 x 300 mm 85 mm 300 mm 6 – 30 kg Flintec PC1
Hygeia4 400 x 400 mm 85 mm 400 mm 6 – 30 kg Flintec PC1
Hygeia5 500 x 500 mm 120 mm 500 mm 6 – 60 kg Flintec PC7