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  • IT6000E SQC System
  • IT6000E


  • Easy to use intuitive operator interface
  • Networkable solution for easy storage and reporting of batch records.
  • Capturing and printout of statistical data for 250 products on 20 production lines
  • Sample scale in compliance with the Regulations For Prepackaged Goods
Screen Size 5.7" Colour
Connectivity Ethermet / USB / RS232
Manufacturer Systec
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Additional Info

IT6000E SQC is a checkweighing terminal for capture and evaluation of samples in compliance with the Regulations for Prepackaged Goods.

The terminal connects to scales and force transducers of any type, e.g.:

  • Desk-top scales
  • Bench scales
  • Precision scales.

High resolution and fast signal processing of the IT6000E SQC terminal permit precise capturing of samples without slowing down the production process.

Samples can be checked either by weight or by volume.

Checkweighing results of samples and batch are indicated with colored marking on the TFT display. Operator prompting with clearly structured onscreen menus ensures fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements.

Essential features:

  • Product file for up to 250 products with automatic allocation of permissible tolerances compliant to the regulations and the option to set narrower tolerances
  • Entry of tare weight or series of tare weighings with calculation of mean value
  • Independent evaluation of identical products at up to 20 production lines
  • 3 different check methods: individual, additive and 2-phase
  • Printout of sample and/or batch results on printer with 40 or 80 columns printing width. Optional data transmission of results to host system
  • Ring buffer for statistics with 1,000 entries, e.g. for the last 40 days with 5 products per day; evaluation and printout by product and period.