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  • Stainless steel digital scales body, resistant and easy to clean
  • Waterproof keyboard and multifunctional programme
  • IP44 protection
Pan Size 250 x 340mm
Display Size 120 x 90mm
Display Touchscreen
Material Stainless Steel
Power Mains / Internal Battery
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Additional Info

New bench digital scales with stainless steel body and touch screen colour display, simple and intuitive.
High weighing performances, thanks to the C6 OIML load cells (fitted as standard) and selectable application programmes for piece counting, statistical control, manual dosage, labelling and totalization.
The long-lasting battery power supply and the lateral handles allow easy transport of the scale directly where it is necessary.

Model Load Size Capacity Divisions Power
KST6 250 x 340 mm 3/6 kg  0.5/1 g Battery / Mains
KST30 250 x 340 mm 15/30 kg  2/5 g Battery / Mains
KST6P (Printer) 250 x 340 mm 3/6 kg 0.5/1 g Battery / Mains
KST30P (Printer) 250 x 340 mm 15/30 kg 2/5 g Battery / Mains