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  • In compliance with the directives 2006/42 CE, UNI EN 13155/2009, UNI EN 13889, 2014/30/EU.
  • 5-key waterproof keypad
  • 25 mm LCD backlit display, easily visible in any lighting condition.
  • Power supply through 4 AA batteries, which may be rechargeable (operating time of about 40 hours)
Precision +/- 0.03% on MAX
Operating temperature -10 /+40 ºC
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Additional Info

Easy to use and reliable professional digital crane scales, for weighing in industrial environments, fitted with protective transport case.

The single security system makes them suitable for lifting and weighing the load.

Thanks to their compact size, these crane scales just slightly reduce the lifting distance of the crane. Available also CE-M APPROVED. Fitted with test certificate obtained with standard weights.