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  • MDBS Bench Scale


  • Robust single cell weigh base built by MWS in the UK
  • Fully welded frame to reduce the potential of ingress from contaminants
  • Four 40mm diameter neoprene rubber feet for easy levelling of the weigh base using the built in levelling bubble
  • Lower cost of ownership due to long-term lifespan of the product and fitted components
  • Lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the fabrication
  • 5 year guarantee on components
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Finish Bead Blast c/w Grained Platted
Sizes 250 x 250mm to 600 x 600mm
Capacities 1.5 kg to 300 kg
Load Cell C3 OIML Stainless Construct
Options ATEX / Columns / Sizes
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Additional Info

The MDBS is a single point bench platform scale fitted with a stainless steel load cell from Flintec, designed and manufactured in Leicester by MWS.

The robust RHS box section design eliminates flex under load, while the closed design makes cleaning easy with less bug traps than alternative single piece models.

The MDBS has four height adjustable food grade rubber feet and top plate rubbers that support the loading plate in six places.

A range of options such as columns, portable frames and ATEX upgrades makes the MDB a versatile stainless steel bench scale.

Model Size Height Capacity Load Cell
MDBS250 250 x 250 mm 85 mm 1.5 – 10 kg Flintec PC1
MDBS330 300 x 300 mm 110 mm 6 – 30 kg Flintec PC1
MDBS430 400 x 300 mm 110 mm 6 – 30 kg Flintec PC1
MDBS440 400 x 400 mm 110 mm 6 – 60 kg Flintec PC1
MDBS540 500 x 400 mm 132 mm 30 – 150kg Flintec PC7
MDBS550 500 x 500 mm 132 mm 30 – 150kg Flintec PC7
MDBS650 600 x 500 mm 132 mm 30 – 300kg Flintec PC7
MDBS660 600 x 600 mm 132 mm 30 – 300kg Flintec PC7
MDBS760 700 x 600 mm 132 mm 30 – 300kg Flintec PCB