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  • Recipe definitions at multiple levels
  • Multi level traceability
  • Production planning and works orders
  • Link to stock for finished product
Scale Inputs Up to 4 Weigh Scale Inputs
Operating System Windows 10 with SQL Server
Software .NET Application
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Additional Info

Our Recipe Weighing & Formulation module is used to produce consistent recipe formulations with full forwards and backwards ingredient traceability. The optional stock module allows raw materials to be deducted from stock and finished recipes to be entered into stock further down the chain. Keeping track of raw materials being used in recipes is a key part in providing reliable traceability and eliminates out-of-stock surprises which can slow down or even stop production.

Key Features:

  • Recipe system runs on a multiple touch screen terminal
  • Recipe definitions at Multiple levels e.g. Recipes, Sub Recipes and Pre Recipes
  • Multi level traceability e.g. Ingredient batch, Recipe batch
  • Dynamic Screens allowing flexibility over layout and questions required
  • Production planning and works orders
  • Ingredient substitution rules
  • Health & Safety and materials handling instructions
  • Dynamic filling gauge assists operator during dispensing
  • Consistent control of formulation
  • Multi Scale for Bulk / Fine ingredients
  • Flow meter option for liquids
  • Non weighed and pre-weighed ingredients
  • Forwards and backwards traceability
  • Link to stock for finished product