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  • Fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell, protected to IP68/IP69K
  • Very low profile (low height) design
  • 1000 division accuracy for cost efficiency
  • Integral lift-off prevention and jacking
  • Wide operational temperature range: -50 °C to +70 °C
  • Optional high temperature version for use up to +150 °C
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Additional Info

The T20 is a low cost, reliable, simple solution for silo, tank, hopper and vessel weighing, especially when point-to-point level measurement by weight (gravimetric level measurement) is the main requirement. It was designed for operation at extremes of temperature, with an operating range from -50 °C to +70 °C.

It combines a fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel compression disc load cell, protected to IP68/IP69K, with a mounting accessory available in zinc plated steel or stainless steel. This is an ideal combination for applications in harsh environments that require regular wash-down cleaning.

The LA20 mounting accessory is extremely compact, with integral jacking to allow for fast, simple load cell installation and removal, as well as lift-off prevention and tolerance of angular misalignment. The underside of the top plate incorporates a hardened steel disc that provides for optimum load introduction.