• Capacities 2,000kg; 5,000kg; 10,000kg and 20,000kg
  • Simple installation
  • Integral lift-off prevention
  • Fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell, protected to IP68/IP69K
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Additional Info

A unique load cell/mounting accessory combination for applications requiring high accuracy when there is significant movement present, for example, the weighing of tanks with mixers or agitators, catalyst vessels, axle weighers and weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems.

It comprises an OIML approved stainless steel S-type load cell with a robust ‘pendulum’ mounting accessory. Although the weighing assembly is loaded in compression, the load cell is mounted in a ‘pendulum’ and operated in tension. Therefore the direction of load is always directed through the central axis of the load cell, even when the module is subjected to significant movement or misalignment – maintaining high weighing accuracy at all times.