Rooster’s Brewing Co Acquires Daleside Brewery

In a move that blends tradition with a nod to the future, Rooster’s Brewing Co has raised its flag of expansion by announcing the acquisition of Harrogate‘s beloved Daleside Brewery. This strategic manoeuvre not only marks a significant milestone for both breweries but also ushers in a new chapter for the local beer scene.

Founded in 1991 by the esteemed Bill Witty, Daleside Brewery has been a cornerstone of Harrogate’s brewing legacy. Under the stewardship of Eric Lucas, who took the reins in 1993, Daleside flourished, offering a range of beloved brews, including Monkey Wrench, Morocco Ale, and the iconic Daleside Blonde. 

Furthermore, Lucas, along with the brewery’s shareholders, now prepares to bid farewell to the boardroom and embrace a well-deserved retirement.

To facilitate this transition and pave the path for future growth, Rooster’s Brewing Co has secured a substantial infusion of capital from a private investor. This infusion not only underlines Rooster’s commitment to the craft but also positions both breweries for continued success.

The operational heart of Daleside Brewery will soon find a new home at Hornbean Park, where it will seamlessly integrate with Rooster’s operations, leveraging spare capacity to ensure the uninterrupted flow of Daleside’s signature flavours. 

However, fans need not fret, as Rooster’s assures that Daleside will retain its distinct identity and operational autonomy, promising business as usual on a day-to-day basis.

Commenting on this monumental decision, Lucas expressed delight in securing the long-term future of Daleside Brewery and its cherished brands. He extended gratitude to all who contributed to Daleside’s remarkable journey, affirming confidence in the continued success of both Daleside and Rooster’s beers.

For the head brewer at Rooster’s, this acquisition holds a special significance, having cut his teeth at Daleside during the early 2000s. The mutual respect between the two breweries runs deep, with Rooster’s management expressing admiration for Daleside’s legacy and the camaraderie shared over the years.

In the words of a Rooster’s spokesperson, they emphasised that they have been raising their glasses to great beer for as long as they can remember, and they are thrilled to play a role in ensuring that Daleside’s legacy endures beyond the coming retirement. 

What’s more, this sentiment encapsulates the essence of this acquisition as a celebration of tradition, a tribute to collaboration, and a toast to the bright future that lies ahead.

In essence, the acquisition of Daleside Brewery by Rooster’s Brewing Co heralds not just a passing of the torch but a fusion of legacies, a blending of flavours that promises to delight palates and preserve the rich tapestry of Harrogate’s brewing heritage for generations to come.

News Credits: Harrogate brewery completes acquisition of local beer maker

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