The Art of Flavour Matching

Interview with Jake Lavelle, Founder and Flavourist at JPL Flavours

Precision in the Flavouring Process

The art of flavour matching with JPL Flavours

Throughout his career, Jake Lavelle has developed and matched flavours for sectors such as beverage, bakery, confectionery, culinary, dairy, health and nutrition as well as personal care. Jake develops both sweet and savoury flavours and is currently helping with the design of a training program for the junior flavourists at JPL.

From an operations perspective, Jake says, “MWS understands that precision is essential in the flavouring process. We know that even a small discrepancy can throw off production, so we need to ensure that every element in use is accurate. The knock-on effect of poor-quality weighing equipment is immense. Any issue with the accuracy or precision of the scales can lead to delayed production, disruption to the manufacturing process and, ultimately, a loss of reputation for the company. Any product that is not properly weighed can have a huge impact on the quality of the finished product and lead to customer complaints.”

Jake goes on to say, “As such, it is essential that we invest in superior weighing equipment that is fit for purpose. By doing so, we avoid all those significant problems that are caused by sub-standard equipment.”

MWS recently installed load cells on two vessels for JPL which Jake says led to increased operational efficiency.

“Not only are these load cells highly accurate and precise, but they are also linked to state-of-the-art software that manages stock control and processes. This has proven to be an extremely beneficial outcome for JPL, as we now have a more efficient way of conducting weighings and processing products.”

Weighing in on Success

When asked about what sets MWS apart from their competitors, Jake was quick to highlight the level of service he receives from the friendly and knowledgeable technicians at MWS.

“MWS’ commitment to quality has made them a trusted partner for our business and we know that we can rely on them to deliver products that meet our exact specifications. That’s why we keep coming back to MWS; I know we will get the right equipment for the job.”

MWS has invested significantly in its service offering over the years, and works hard to ensure that clients’ needs are always met. Time is of the essence in the manufacturing world, so having a highly responsive and knowledgeable service team on call is essential in keeping clients up and running.

MWS has been in business for over 25 years, and during that time has never failed to find a solution to a customer’s problem. So if you’re ever having an issue with your weighing scales, MWS is the company to call.