The Good Food Programme: First Batch Brands Recruited

The Good Food Programme has welcomed its inaugural cohort of health-conscious challenger brands.

The aim of the Good Food Programme is to ensure that healthier food choices are more accessible and available in UK high streets, especially for families who have limited financial resources. To accomplish this, we are investing in HCBs so that they can spread their products further and offer them at a reasonable price.

In August, Mission Ventures and Impact on Urban Health (IoUH) partnered to launch the Good Food Programme – seeking up to ten new ventures promoting healthier lifestyles. Applications opened for entrepreneurs ready to break into this rapidly growing industry!

Mission Ventures is offering start-up founders up to £15k of equity-free funding as well as two years of invaluable brand and business support – all working together to boost growth. The first three are Soul Soup Co., Nana’s Manners, and Three Robins.

Loudis Bedwell, manager director at Mission Ventures said, “The aim here is to set a new precedent, whilst changing the entrenched view that healthier foods can’t be accessible and appealing. The work begins now to further show that it can be done, by, developing brand personality alongside a robust growth plan.


News Credits: Healthier challenger brands are recruited to The Good Food Programme

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