Timothy Taylor’s Brewery Gets Green Light for Expansion

In a resounding victory for brewing aficionados and connoisseurs, Timothy Taylor’s Brewery has received the long-awaited planning permission to embark on an ambitious expansion project at its historic Knowle Spring site in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Founded in 1858, Timothy Taylor’s Brewery boasts an illustrious heritage of 165 years and counting, crafting an exceptional array of cask, bottled, and canned beers, with timeless classics, like Landlord and Boltmaker, gracing the palates of beer enthusiasts worldwide. 

As the brewery raises its glass to this momentous occasion, it’s poised to not only increase production capacity but to also fortify its resilience, elevate safety standards, and further enhance its ability to deliver the pinnacle of beer quality to its devoted patrons.

The brewery’s legacy extends far and wide, serving both the foodservice and retail sectors with unrivalled craftsmanship. In addition to its thriving physical presence, the brewery has embraced the digital age with an innovative e-commerce platform that brings its award-winning brews to beer aficionados across the globe. 

Alongside this digital leap, Timothy Taylor’s also manages a carefully curated portfolio of 19 pubs, each tucked away in the heart of Yorkshire, offering patrons an authentic taste of the region’s culture and, of course, its exceptional beer.

With the brewery’s continued success on an upward trajectory, expansion became a logical step forward. In a comprehensive planning application submitted to the Bradford Council, Timothy Taylor’s articulated the driving forces behind this ambitious project. The brewery is not only committed to sustaining its current level of success but to elevating it to new heights. 

The most recent financial statement, covering the year ending September 30, 2023, speaks volumes of their achievements, revealing an impressive after-tax profit exceeding £2.3 million, as meticulously documented by Companies House.

For Timothy Taylor’s Chief Executive, who has been guiding the helm since 2014, the expansion project is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a pivotal milestone within the broader £9 million investment plan set to unfold over the next five years. 

Furthermore, this visionary leader is keen to emphasise that this expansion isn’t solely about increasing production capacity; it’s about reinventing the brewery’s operations and reaffirming their commitment to delivering exceptional quality beer.

The expansion project is a comprehensive endeavour, encompassing an array of enhancements that will revolutionise the brewery’s facilities. A focal point of this venture is the construction of additional storage facilities to safeguard their precious Knowle Spring water, a quintessential ingredient in their beer production process. 

Moreover, the project will revamp yeast care and cleaning procedures, ensuring that Timothy Taylor’s continues to meet the impeccable standards for which it is renowned.

In addition to boosting capacity and enhancing processes, the expansion will breathe new life into parts of the brewery showing signs of wear and tear. This includes the installation of a state-of-the-art roof and the removal of outdated equipment, ensuring that Timothy Taylor’s combines its rich history with modern efficiency.

This ambitious undertaking has been spearheaded by Timothy Taylor’s new Operations Director, Kevin Smithson, whose passion for brewing excellence has been instrumental in driving this project forward. Smithson has worked closely with the brewery’s talented brewing teams, particularly Nick Berkovits, the second brewer, to ensure that every aspect of the expansion aligns with Timothy Taylor’s unwavering commitment to quality.

The project has also enjoyed unwavering support from the accomplished architects at Bowman Riley Architects in Skipton. Their expertise has helped shape the vision of this exciting expansion, ensuring that it not only meets the brewery’s needs but also preserves its historical charm.

In conclusion, Timothy Taylor’s Brewery’s expansion in Keighley, West Yorkshire, is a testament to its unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and the continued satisfaction of its devoted customer base. 

This milestone project signifies not only an increase in production capacity but also an enhancement of the brewery’s resilience, health, safety, and overall operational capabilities. 

As Timothy Taylor’s sets its sights on the future, it does so with a renewed commitment to delivering world-class beer experiences to enthusiasts everywhere, keeping alive a tradition of excellence that has endured for 165 remarkable years.

News Credits: UK beer maker announces £9m brewery expansion

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