400K Investment Leads to Doubled Production at Finedale Foods

After investing substantially in state-of-the-art production equipment, Finedale Foods, a leader in frozen baked goods manufacturing, is now reaping the many rewards of that decision. With a substantial investment of £400,000, they have been able to double their production output and have experienced significant success since the 2022 upgrades. The Frank Dale brand was determined to amplify their production, and as such invested significantly in areas like fast freezing, chilled racks, increased power supply for operating new machines and automated quiche slicers. To gain a more precise understanding of how this investment has been advantageous for Frank Dale, and potentially other food processing businesses, let’s take an in-depth look.

Rewards of Increasing Production

By investing in a pastry mixer and swapping out ageing, outdated machinery, Finedale Foods is able to boost their production line significantly. This allows them to run multiple lines simultaneously and increase their overall output. This decision required an initial financial investment, but the return on that money has been tremendous; they have been able to effectively double their production volume from what it was back in 2017 and improve profitability. This additional capacity allows for more purchases, such as metal detectors that raise quality and compliance standards across all products.

Why Revolutionise Automation? 

By emphasising automation, food manufacturers have been able to boost output while simultaneously decreasing labour costs. Automated quiche cutters demonstrate how technology can make operations more effective and optimise processes. This innovative technology makes it possible to create multiple cuts or shapes simultaneously with limited input from the operator – ultimately conserving time, money and resources for your business. Additionally, this method allows for the reduction of waste and maximisation of efficiency while maintaining quality standards and consistency in each cut or shaved product from a batch line.

Moreover, automated quiche cutters can be tweaked to fit different recipes. This makes it easier for businesses to introduce new products without incurring extra labour costs or vital infrastructure investments.

Why Should Other Businesses Do the Same?

By investing in essential equipment, Finedale Foods has seen remarkable returns, proving that businesses involved in food manufacturing can experience great success and higher profits when making similar smart investments. Automation is becoming more relevant than ever in the corporate world, allowing businesses to save costs through increased efficiency and labour reduction. 

Adopting this technology should be a top priority for any company striving to stay ahead of its competition. With prudence in decision-making and wise investments into areas like automation, companies will experience a considerable return on their expenditures while staying ahead of the curve with consumers’ requirements for more selection at competitive costs. Without a doubt, Finedale’s success story is an invaluable example of how other food manufacturing companies should think about their investments in the future!

News Credits: Finedale Foods doubles output with £400k factory investment


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