£100K Investment Doubles Production for Brymor Ice Creams

Brymor Ice Cream, a renowned North Yorkshire frozen desserts business, has recently shelled out £100,000 to increase its production equipment capabilities so that it can now produce twice as much ice cream annually—over 1 million litres! Building on the success of their solar panel installation last year, this new investment is part of a larger plan to achieve net zero and reduce their carbon footprint.

This investment comes with a cutting-edge pasteuriser that is set to make production 50% more efficient than its predecessor. This company-funded investment will provide long-term rewards by saving valuable time and energy. Brymor is establishing a long-term strategy for itself to become more efficient and decrease their carbon footprint, all while not only maintaining, but also improving their production rates.

In order to meet their end goal of achieving net zero emissions, the company is determinedly looking at making other investments in the coming years. To guarantee they reach their optimum efficiency while still preserving quality standards, the investments include modern automation technology and operational process advancements. Brymor has made hefty changes and advancements to ensure they can deliver delightful frozen desserts without compromising their dedication to sustainability.

By investing £100,000 so far in new production equipment, Brymor Ice Cream has doubled its annual manufacturing capacity while significantly reducing its carbon footprint and working towards net zero emissions, which results in money well spent for the brand and company. With further investments planned into automation technology, Brymor looks poised to remain at the forefront of sustainable food production for years to come, setting a valuable example for other companies to take note of.

News Credit: Brymor Ice Cream invests £100k in equipment

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