Beacon Foods Unveils £6 Million Expansion

In a bold move aimed at catering to soaring demand and bolstering their commitment to sustainability, Beacon Foods, the leading supplier of premium ingredients and ready-to-eat products, has unveiled an ambitious £6 million expansion program. 

This significant investment marks a pivotal moment in the company’s history as it doubles the size of its manufacturing and storage facilities, now spanning an impressive 53,000 square feet. Furthermore, this expansion has supercharged their production capacity, setting the stage for substantial business growth in the years to come.

With a workforce of 130 dedicated employees, Beacon Foods has been a cornerstone in the food industry, supplying top-notch products to food manufacturers, food service establishments, coffee shops, fast-food chains, and the travel and hospitality sectors. 

Furthermore, this strategic move has not only enlarged their physical footprint but also elevated their production capabilities and packaging options, solidifying their reputation for delivering quality, safety, and personalised customer service.

New state-of-the-art machinery has been seamlessly integrated into their operations, boasting impressive additions, such as kettles, a char griller, and a spiral oven. These cutting-edge tools are designed to enhance production efficiency, ensuring that Beacon Foods can continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

One notable highlight of this expansion is the introduction of a dedicated production line to meet a remarkable 50 percent increase in orders for their renowned garlic puree. As customer demand continues to surge, Beacon Foods is resolute in its commitment to keeping pace with the market.

Not content with merely expanding their production capacity, Beacon Foods is equally focused on sustainability. The company has made a green statement by investing in 1,428 solar PV panels capable of generating up to 500,000 kilowatts of electricity. 

What’s more, this clean energy source will be primarily utilised within their facilities, with potential surplus energy exported to the National Grid during weekends.

In a further bid to align with environmental standards, Beacon Foods has also revamped its waste water treatment processing plant. Two massive storage tanks, boasting a combined capacity of over 430 cubic litres, have been installed. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art aeration system has been implemented to bolster the biological treatment processes, while new filters promise to increase potential discharge capacity to an impressive 150 cubic litres per day.

The Chairman of Beacon Foods expressed immense satisfaction with the company’s trajectory, stating that they have doubled their manufacturing capacity, invested in state-of-the-art machinery, enhanced their reputation for quality, safe products, and personal customer service, and have already secured more business this year, so the future looks very promising.

Beacon Foods is not just about expanding; it’s about innovation. The company prides itself on being the sole provider of UK-produced, bespoke recipes for ready-to-eat, IQF (individual quick frozen) char-grilled, and roasted vegetables. These offerings have been met with resounding success, appealing to a diverse customer base.

Moreover, Beacon Foods is now equipped to cater to customer preferences with products packaged in convenient sachets and dip pots. With an extensive repertoire of approximately 6,000 distinct recipes, they effortlessly cater to various market segments. Their decades of experience set them apart from the competition, making Beacon Foods an industry leader that customers can rely on.

In conclusion, Beacon Foods’ £6 million investment in expansion and innovation signals not only their dedication to meeting growing demand but also their commitment to sustainability. With upgraded facilities, increased production capacity, and a focus on green energy and waste management, Beacon Foods is poised for a prosperous future. 

Moreover, their unique offerings and unwavering dedication to excellence ensure that they remain at the forefront of the industry, delighting customers with a diverse array of top-quality products. Beacon Foods is not just a company expanding; it’s a beacon of progress and innovation in the food industry.

News Credits: Beacon Foods invests £6m in three-year expansion programme

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