Bells Food Group’s £250k Factory Investment Boosts Pie Production Capacity

Scottish food manufacturer Bells Food Group has embarked on a significant £250,000 investment in its factory, aimed at expanding its production capacity by over 500,000 pies per year. This strategic move comes as the company strives to meet the growing demand for its delectable pies and secure its position in the highly competitive market.

At the heart of Bells’ latest investment lies a state-of-the-art oven, representing a leap forward in pie-making technology. This advanced oven incorporates cutting-edge features and precision controls, ensuring consistent quality and enhanced efficiency throughout the baking process. 

With this new addition, Bells Food Group gains the capability to produce an extra 100,000 pies each week, effectively future-proofing their operations against anticipated increases in demand. The oven’s innovative design enables precise temperature control and optimal heat distribution, resulting in perfectly baked pies with a delectable golden crust.

What’s more, this milestone investment underscores the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and remaining a leader in the industry. Bells Food Group has a rich heritage of pie-making that spans over 90 years, and their dedication to quality and innovation has earned them a loyal customer base. Therefore, with the new oven, the company can cater to a wider audience while maintaining their reputation for exceptional taste and quality.

Notably, Bells Food Group’s decision to bolster its manufacturing capabilities comes hot on the heels of the release of the 2023 Kantar Scotland Brand Footprint report, which confirmed the company’s fourth-place ranking among the most favoured Scottish brands. Last year’s list saw the iconic Scottish Irn Bru take the top spot, with Graham’s Family Dairy and Tunnock’s securing second and third places, respectively. 

Expressing their pride in this accomplishment, the managing director of Bells Food Group attributed their success to continuous investment, innovation, and brand appeal. However, they humbly acknowledged that the true driving force behind their achievement lay in the exceptional talents and unwavering dedication of their remarkable team.

This recent injection of funds will yield a substantial increase in the number of pies that Bells Food Group can produce within its factory. The expanded production capacity will enable the company to meet the rising demand from both existing and new customers. Moreover, it positions the company favourably to meet the projected surge in demand for years to come, ensuring a steady supply of their beloved pies.

In a testament to their continued growth, Bells Food Group also secured a significant own-label pastry contract this year, solidifying their partnership with Tesco stores nationwide. Under this agreement, Bells Food Group will supply 862 Tesco stores across the UK with an impressive five and a half million packs of their mouthwatering puff pastry annually. 

This collaboration highlights the trust Tesco has placed in Bells Food Group’s ability to deliver outstanding quality and taste consistently. Moreover, the contract not only presents a major business opportunity for Bells Food Group but also strengthens their presence in the national market.

Additionally, the far-reaching impact of this contract extends beyond its economic implications, as it has also led to the creation of 15 new jobs within Bells Food Group. The addition of these positions demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting local employment and fostering economic growth

What’s more, the newly hired employees will join the existing team of around 220 dedicated colleagues, contributing their skills and expertise to the production and distribution of Bells’ delectable pies.

Presently, Bells Food Group boasts an annual turnover of approximately £26 million, in which their remarkable success can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a dominant market share of 60% in Scotland’s hot pie market, the company has solidified its position as a preferred choice among consumers. Operating two bakeries and a distribution centre in Shotts, Bells Food Group has established a robust infrastructure to support its production and supply chain operations efficiently.

So, in conclusion, Bells Food Group’s latest factory investment sets the stage for substantial growth in pie production capacity, allowing the company to meet rising consumer demand effectively. With their successful retention of the fourth position in the esteemed Kantar Scotland Brand Footprint report, Bells Food Group demonstrates the fruit of their continued investment, innovation, and strong brand appeal. 

Also, the recent partnership with Tesco further solidifies their market presence and contributes to their ongoing expansion, creating employment opportunities and propelling their growth trajectory. As Bells Food Group forges ahead, their unwavering dedication to quality, their exceptional team, and their adoption of state-of-the-art technology will undoubtedly continue to be the driving forces behind their success.

News Credits: Work underway on Bells Food Group £250k factory investment

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