Sainsbury’s Takes Another Bold Step Towards Sustainable Packaging

In a remarkable display of commitment to sustainability, Sainsbury’s, one of the leading UK retailers, is set to revolutionise its packaging practices by removing plastic trays from its renowned By Sainsbury’s steak range. 

These plastic trays will be replaced with a groundbreaking cardboard alternative, offering a substantial reduction of 70% in plastic usage. What’s more, this eco-friendly transition aligns with Sainsbury’s ongoing efforts to reduce plastic packaging across their own brand ranges, as they recognise the importance of plastic reduction to both their customers and the overall environmental impact.

After launching on July 5th, the new cardboard trays are now available in all Sainsbury’s stores and online, providing customers with a guilt-free choice when it comes to purchasing their favourite steaks. 

What’s more, the innovative packaging solution will be implemented across ten products in the By Sainsbury’s steak range, ensuring that a wide range of choices can be enjoyed in an environmentally conscious manner.

Notably, what’s also great is that these new trays can be easily recycled at home, further promoting responsible waste management. By rinsing the cardboard before placing it in a kerbside recycling bin, customers can actively contribute to the circular economy, playing their part in reducing waste and conserving valuable resources. 

Also, this user-friendly approach again reflects well for Sainsbury’s, showcasing their dedication to empowering individuals to make sustainable choices and actively participate in helping in the creation of a greener future.

While this announcement marks a significant milestone, it is not the first time Sainsbury’s has embraced sustainable packaging alternatives. The company has already introduced cardboard tray packaging for their Taste the Difference and So Organic steaks, receiving positive feedback from environmentally conscious consumers. 

By extending this initiative to the By Sainsbury’s steak range, the retailer reinforces its commitment to reducing plastic waste across a broader range of products, perfectly showcasing their comprehensive sustainability strategy. 

Furthermore, the decision to remove plastic trays from the By Sainsbury’s steak range is just one among many changes made by the retailer regarding packaging. 

Sainsbury’s has been proactive in implementing sustainable practices, demonstrating their commitment to minimising their environmental impact. In April, the company went trayless on whole chickens, opting for more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. Furthermore, earlier this year, Sainsbury’s made a significant move by eliminating plastic bags from its entire banana range, resulting in an impressive saving of 192 tonnes of plastic. These initiatives underline Sainsbury’s determination to address plastic waste comprehensively and consistently across various product lines.

Expressing excitement about these sustainable initiatives, the Director of Product and Innovation at Sainsbury’s stated that as part of their Plan for Better commitments, the company is continuously seeking ways to reduce plastic packaging across their own brand ranges. 

Furthermore, it was added that they understand the importance of plastic reduction to their customers and the environment as a whole, which is why they are constantly innovating their packaging, aiming to reduce or replace plastic wherever possible and as quickly as possible. 

What’s more, the company is delighted to be saving yet another 10 million pieces of plastic annually by transitioning their By Sainsbury’s steak trays to cardboard, building upon the changes they have already made to So Organic and Taste the Difference packaging.

While Sainsbury’s acknowledges the progress made thus far, the company remains dedicated to making bold changes and driving further sustainability advancements. They recognise that there is still much to be done to meet their plastic reduction targets. 

Moreover, by choosing to actively engage in sustainable packaging practices, Sainsbury’s sets an inspiring example for the retail industry, showcasing their unwavering commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.

In summary, Sainsbury’s latest announcement to replace plastic trays in their By Sainsbury’s steak range with recyclable cardboard trays marks a significant milestone in their ongoing sustainability journey. 

By introducing innovative packaging alternatives and making strategic changes across various product lines, Sainsbury’s demonstrates its commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable future.

With every step, Sainsbury’s takes everyone closer to a world where responsible consumption and environmental consciousness are at the heart of retail practices. As customers embrace these changes, they play an essential role in shaping a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

News Credit: Cardboard trays introduced to by Sainsbury’s steaks, saving over 10 million pieces of plastic each year

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