Britvic Welcomes ‘Jimmy’s Iced Coffee’ to Its Expanding Portfolio

In a significant expansion of its beverage portfolio, Britvic, the renowned soft drinks company, has announced the addition of the UK’s fastest-growing ‘ready-to-drink’ iced coffee brand – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. The move comes as Britvic aims to tap into the booming iced coffee market and embrace a brand that perfectly aligns with their core values and aspirations.

The CEO of Britvic expressed immense excitement and pleasure in welcoming Jimmy’s Iced Coffee into their fold of beloved Britvic brands. Citing a focus on innovation, exceptional taste with fewer calories, and environmentally-friendly packaging, the CEO emphasised that Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is an impeccable fit for Britvic’s vision.

Furthermore, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has created a strong brand identity, driven by their dedication to quality and sustainability, while their focus on offering great taste with fewer calories aligns perfectly with Britvic’s commitment to providing refreshing and healthier beverage choices to their consumers.

What’s even more exciting is  that the acquisition of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is part of Britvic’s strategic expansion plan to diversify its product range and capitalise on the growing popularity of iced coffee among consumers. Britvic’s well-established presence in the beverage industry, coupled with Jimmy’s Iced Coffee’s rapid rise in the market, is expected to create new avenues for growth and further strengthen Britvic’s position in the beverage market.

What’s more, Britvic is no stranger to brand acquisitions and development, making the company confident in its ability to rapidly expand its foothold in the iced coffee segment. With the market for ready-to-drink iced coffee rapidly growing and showing immense promise, this collaboration presents a thrilling prospect for both Britvic and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.

A co-founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee also expressed sheer delight at the deal, calling it the culmination of twelve years of relentless hard work by themself and their sister. They added further that it’s a dream come true for us to join forces with Britvic, as they have poured their heart and souls into making this business what it is today; and to have Britvic’s support and resources behind them is a true testament to their brand’s potential.

Unsurprisingly, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has garnered a loyal customer base over the years, and their passion for the brand is evident in their commitment to quality and sustainability. The company’s success is attributed to their original recipe, which has won the hearts of coffee enthusiasts across the United Kingdom.

As of June 2023, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has generated an impressive retail sales value of £17 million, marking a remarkable 43% increase from the previous year. This accomplishment reflects the brand’s growing popularity and the rising demand for ready-to-drink iced coffee in the UK. Notably, the entire category saw retail sales valued at £280 million last year, demonstrating an impressive annual increase of 15.3%.

Britvic is strategically poised to further fuel Jimmy’s growth by leveraging its market-leading customer relationships to secure new listings and expand distribution. The company also plans to enhance cost efficiency through its supply chain expertise and procurement capability, ensuring Jimmy’s Iced Coffee reaches a wider audience.

As a company, Britvic are fully committed to leveraging their expertise and resources to accelerate the growth of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. They strongly believe that their established network of retail partners and distributors will play a crucial role in increasing the brand’s overall presence in the market.

Fortunately, even as Britvic takes the reins, the founders of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee will continue to play an active role in the business as brand ambassadors. Their involvement will ensure a seamless transition, providing guidance on brand direction and future innovation, preserving Jimmy’s core values and ethos that have endeared the brand to its loyal customers.

What’s more, the founders of Jimmy’s openly shared that Britvic’s belief in their brand and their continued involvement in Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is a testament to the strong foundation they have built. Additionally, they are thrilled to be brand ambassadors and look forward to supporting the brand’s growth and expansion in the future. 

As the stage is set for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee to embark on its next chapter, both Britvic and the co-founders eagerly anticipate witnessing the brand’s ascent to even greater heights. With their combined expertise and shared goals and trajectory, they envision Jimmy’s Iced Coffee becoming an increasingly prominent and beloved name in the iced coffee market.

In conclusion, the partnership between Britvic and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee represents a symbiotic blend of expertise, values, and aspirations. As the refreshing taste of Jimmy’s iced coffee continues to captivate consumers, the brand’s journey promises to be an inspiring and fulfilling one, fueled by innovation and the shared passion of both companies. 

Moreover, with Britvic’s unwavering support and the founders’ dedication, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is set to create ripples in the ready-to-drink iced coffee market, leaving an indelible mark on the industry for years to come. As the sun rises on this new chapter, the future looks bright for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and its exciting journey ahead.

News Credits: Britvic acquires Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

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