Clean Food Group Secures £1 Million Funding to Revolutionise Food Production

In a momentous stride forward for the UK’s burgeoning biotech sector, Clean Food Group, a prominent UK-based biotech enterprise, has been awarded a substantial £1 million in funding for an ambitious project aimed at advancing revolutionary low-emission food production systems within the United Kingdom

This pivotal development is made possible through the UK Government‘s prestigious Novel Low-Emission Food Production Systems: Industrial Research Grant, with funding jointly provided by the esteemed Innovate UK and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). 

This substantial investment marks a resounding affirmation of the nation’s commitment to fostering more localised, sustainable, and health-conscious food production methods.

At the heart of Clean Food Group’s innovative venture is an ambitious plan for the rapid expansion of manufacturing capabilities and the development of next-generation, high-value microbial oils

Over the course of the ambitious 18-month project, Clean Food Group will engage in a collaborative partnership with The University of Bath, strategically leveraging the university’s renowned bio-tech research capabilities to engineer high-value, functional microbial oils that will redefine the future of food production.

Clean Food Group’s proprietary technology platform is underpinned by the ingenious utilisation of proven, scalable yeast strains and advanced fermentation technology. 

This groundbreaking approach empowers the conversion of food waste into sustainable alternatives to conventional oil and fat ingredients, marking a transformative shift towards eco-conscious and resource-efficient food production practices.

Clean Food Group’s co-founder and CFO, speaking on the landmark award, expressed an overwhelming sense of delight and gratitude for securing this substantial funding from both Innovate UK and BBSRC. 

Furthermore, they underscored the award’s profound significance, characterising it as a robust validation of their technology platform and commercialisation strategy. Moreover, they emphasised the pivotal role the funding will play in expediting the scaling of manufacturing capabilities and streamlining regulatory pathways. 

Additionally, the attainment of essential Food and Cosmetic regulatory approvals for their innovative products stands as a pivotal milestone in their relentless pursuit to revolutionise the food industry.

Building upon this sentiment, they underscored their long-standing and fruitful partnership with the University of Bath, articulating their excitement at fortifying this collaboration further as they work closely with the university’s world-renowned research team. 

The University of Bath’s distinguished professor of Bioprocess Engineering also added their voice to the chorus of optimism, underscoring the paramount importance of securing a sustainable and secure future for food production. 

What’s more, they also lauded the United Kingdom’s trailblazing role in driving forward vital innovation, ushering in a more sustainable, healthier, and secure food system for future generations.

In a momentous conclusion, Clean Food Group’s triumph in securing £1 million in funding for their groundbreaking low-emission food production initiative signifies a monumental leap towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for food production in the United Kingdom. 

Armed with revolutionary microbial oils and fortified by a dynamic partnership with the University of Bath, Clean Food Group is poised to make profound strides in reshaping the food industry for the better. 

This synergistic collaboration between a forward-thinking bio-tech enterprise and a preeminent research institution epitomises the United Kingdom’s unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation and ensuring a brighter, greener future for generations to come. It stands as a testament to the nation’s determination to lead the charge towards a more sustainable and health-conscious world of food production.

News Credits: UK Government awards Clean Food Group funding for project accelerating low-emission food production

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