UK’s Largest Carbon Capture Plant Turns CO2 into Baking Soda

The UK’s first industrial scale carbon capture and usage facility has been opened in Norwich by Tata Chemicals Europe, signalling a key step forward in the worldwide race to achieve net zero emissions.

The plant captures 40,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases each year, ten times more than GNN’s claimed world’s largest carbon capture facility just 10 months ago.

The £20 million investment was made by UK-based Tata Chemicals Europe, one of Europe’s top producers of sodium carbonate, salt, and baking soda, and they anticipate it to save them more than 10 tons of carbon a year.

The initiative will demonstrate the technology’s potential to remove carbon dioxide from power plant emissions and use it in high-end manufacturing applications, which will help unlock the future of carbon capture.

CO2 captured from energy generation emissions will be refined to food and pharmaceutical grade, with the sodium bicarbonate produced being known as Ecokarb®.

The process is patented in the UK and additional patents are pending in important locations around the world. The majority of the sodium bicarbonate produced will be utilised in haemodialysis to treat persons suffering from kidney disease.

It will also be used for things like glass, detergents, pharmaceuticals, food, animal feed, and water purification.

News Credits: UK’s Lar gest Carbon Capture Project Will Turn 40,000 Tons of CO2 into Baking Soda – Good News Network

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