Two British Packaging Companies win $1.07m Sustainable Plastic Grant

UK-based Interface Polymers Ltd., along with flexible plastics packaging manufacturer Flexipol Ltd., has won a $1.07 million award as part of UKRI’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge.


This project will provide fully recyclable LDPE multilayer packaging that may be upcycled into high-value applications when reprocessed with either virgin or recycled materials, with the funding going toward a two-year multilateral effort.


The collaboration project team wants to include di-block Polarfin additive technology in the creation of original packaging.


The Recycle Ready project has its sights on multi-layer PE and nylon food packaging vacuum bags as well as thermoplastic films.


For the benefits it can provide, the food packaging industry was chosen for the project.


In addition to the film qualification and expansion of the new range of Ready Recycle multilayer packaging items, Flexipol will collaborate with long-standing bulk food producers.


With a complete value chain approach, from packaging creation to food product packaging and automated food processing, the project addresses all aspects of the process. It also covers post-use waste packaging collection and washing for recycling.


News Credit: Interface Polymers and Flexipol Win UKRI Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Grant -Plastic Technology Online


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