Gene Editing Bill to boost World Investments into UK’s Agri-food Industry

To enhance investments into UK agri-food research and innovation, the government is proposing a new genetic legislation.


Under the bill, the UK will become “the best country in the world” to invest in agri-food research and innovation, which will improve food security.


On Wednesday, May 25, a bill to reduce red tape and encourage the invention of cutting-edge technology to produce more resilient, nutritious, and productive crops was introduced in Parliament.


The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill will reduce artificial restrictions to the study of cutting-edge gene editing technology, which has been stifled by EU regulations on genetic modification, restricting world class agricultural research institutions in the United Kingdom.


This Bill will allow the development and marketing of precision bred plants and animals, which will fuel economic growth and attract investment into agri-food research and innovation in the UK.


Precision breeding techniques, such as gene editing, come with a slew of advantages. They will allow UK researchers to assist f farmers and the environment, as well as potentially increasing plant and animal disease resistance and climate change resilience.


Precision breeding may also help to make food safer by eliminating allergens and preventing the formation of hazardous chemicals in food. Between 20% and 40% of all crops produced are lost to pests and diseases across the world.


News Credit:  Genetic Technology Bill: enabling Innovation to boost Food


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