Britain could Become World Leader in Lab-Grown Meat Production

After leaving the European Union, Britain could become a world leader in cultured meat production by outflanking Europe to bring hi-tech goods to market quickly.

Lab-grown meat is produced from animal cells in a bioreactor that may be powered by 100% renewable energy, reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and animal suffering.

The process of gaining EU approval for cultured meat is expected to take three years, but the sector is hoping that a post-Brexit white paper on the national food strategy scheduled for publication in May may speed up the procedure.

According to analysts, the £1.9 billion worldwide business has already engaged with the UK’s Food Standards Agency on the post-Brexit regulatory framework for the goods.

Agriculture is responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, with livestock farming accounting for the majority. According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, lab-grown meat may significantly reduce this, with emission cuts of up to 80% predicted in some studies.


News credit: Lab-grown meat firms say post-Brexit UK could be at forefront


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