Molson Coors Completes the Upgrade of Aspall Cyder Site


At the Aspall Cyder production plant in Suffolk, Molson Coors has completed a £13 million modernisation project.


The drinks conglomerate, which was founded in 2018, has invested considerable resources into making the site more efficient and increasing production to meet demand for ‘super-premium’ hard cider in the UK (up 60% to about 70m pints of cider per year).


The site was upgraded with a new, contemporary fermentation facility that enabled the repurposing of Aspall’s “tank farm” for additional growth.


Aspall also improved its wastewater treatment facility, allowing on-site treatment.


A new weighbridge was built to allow transport trucks to be weighed on-site, reducing trips.


The weighbridge will reduce local traffic by the same amount as 800 tankers a year, allowing the site’s environmental impact to be reduced.


Despite the fact that the site was completely rebuilt, Molson Coors tried to maintain the original appearance and feel of the building.


News credit: Molson Coors has completed a £13m modernisation project at the Aspall Cyder production plant in Suffolk- Food Manufacture


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