Food and Drink Industry to Benefit from £50 Million Data Innovation Hub

Ulster University is working on a new data innovation hub and testbed, which will assist the manufacturing sector in developing more efficient products. The aim is for manufacturers to benefit from better productivity and competitiveness as a result of this initiative.

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) will assist small and medium-sized manufacturers in gathering and better using their data, allowing them to boost production, growth, and sustainability.

Businesses in a wide range of sectors, including food and drink, aerospace, and many others will be aided in developing data-driven technologies.

More than 10,000 businesses will benefit from the hub, and 13,000 employment opportunities will be created. The initiative is expected to help boost regional economic development and level-up regions across the UK.

The UK government-backed Made Smarter Innovation Program will provide up to £20 million in funding for the project, along with roughly £30 million in business co-investment.

The SMDH will initially be accessible to small and medium-sized businesses in Northern Ireland, with the rest of the UK following shortly after.


News Credit: £50 million data innovation hub for manufacturers to accelerate digital tech – News Anyway


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