Johnson to announce return of Imperial Measurements to mark Jubilee

The government will conduct a post-Brexit review on how and where providers may sell food in imperial measures next week.


Metric is currently required when selling packaged or loose items, although the traditional weighing method may still be displayed.


On Friday, the review, which had previously been announced, will begin.


In September, the government announced that it would reconsider these rules as part of its wider plan to restructure UK law after Brexit, and that “in due course” legislation will be required.


Next week, the government will begin a three-month consultation on potential changes to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee.


In the United Kingdom, the regulations were a source of contention in 2001, when market traders were prosecuted for selling goods using imperial measures. Since then, they have not been strictly enforced.


When the UK left the EU, it simply followed the legislation, but now that it has left, the study will consider whether or not the regulation should be updated.


News Credit: Imperial Measurement Review to mark Jubilee-BBC News


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