Cornish Premier Pasties Embraces Sunshine Power with £135k Solar Investment

In a visionary move towards a greener future, Cornish Premier Pasties, one of Cornwall‘s culinary gems, has invested £135,000 in solar power at its iconic bakery nestled in the charming town of St Columb

This bold endeavour is a shining example of the company’s unwavering commitment to reducing carbon emissions and signifies a substantial stride towards sustainability.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Solar Panel Details

At the core of this green transformation lies the installation of 320 cutting-edge solar panels. These panels, forming a robust 131.2 kW solar power system, are not just any panels; they are state-of-the-art, high-efficiency models designed to capture every available ray of sunshine. 

What’s more, impressively, this eco-friendly initiative is set to save more than 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, a significant contribution to combating climate change.

Already on sunny days, the panels have already proven their prowess, producing a staggering 98% of the factory’s power. This remarkable efficiency demonstrates the company’s dedication to harnessing clean, renewable energy.

The MD’s Vision: A Sustainable Future

Mark Norton, the forward-thinking Managing Director of Cornish Premier Pasties, spoke passionately about this endeavour. 

He emphasised that their commitment to harnessing Premier’s own green energy sources on the factory’s roof was not just a nod to environmental responsibility but a strategic initiative aimed at reducing the company’s carbon footprint. 

This endeavour is not only a green statement but also a practical move in the face of soaring energy costs, ensuring that Cornish Premier Pasties remains competitive while staying true to its values.

Ignition: The Catalyst for Change

The solar power investment was made possible through the unwavering support of Ignition, a Truro-based asset finance provider with a strong focus on sustainable projects

Ignition’s Business Development Manager and solar specialist, echoing a decade-long professional relationship with Cornish Premier Pasties, applauded the remarkable growth and success of both of Mr Norton’s businesses, the previously mentioned and also Prima Bakeries

Furthermore, their collaboration promises substantial long-term cost savings while aligning with Cornish Premier Pasties’ environmental sustainability goals.

A Rising Star in the Global Pasty Scene

Cornish Premier Pasties, under the stewardship of Mark Norton since 2020, joined forces with sister company Prima Bakeries to become a formidable player in the world’s pasty industry. 

As a result, the group has earned the distinction of being the fourth-largest manufacturer of Cornish Pasties globally. What’s more, this dynamic merger has witnessed an impressive doubling of sales in the past two years, fueled by new contracts secured with customers across the United Kingdom.

Currently employing over 60 individuals, the company’s growth trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. The commitment to sustainability and clean energy production not only reinforces Cornish Premier Pasties’ position as a leader in the culinary world but also as a socially responsible and forward-thinking organisation.


Cornish Premier Pasties’ £135,000 solar power investment represents more than just a financial commitment; it’s a testament to their dedication to the environment and their community. 

As they bask in the sunshine of sustainable energy, they not only secure a greener tomorrow but also fortify their ability to provide high-quality products to loyal customers without being overshadowed by the relentless rise in energy costs.

Additionally, in this solar-powered revolution, Cornish Premier Pasties shines as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility in the global pasty industry. This investment marks a milestone in their journey towards a sustainable future, demonstrating that quality, flavour, and eco-consciousness can coexist harmoniously on every plate they serve. 

As Cornwall’s culinary treasure continues to flourish, it’s clear that their commitment to the environment is just as robust as their commitment to crafting the perfect pasty.

News Credits: Cornish Premier Pasties’ £135k solar power investment

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