UK Start-Up and Swedish Sustainability Expert Unveil Digital Carbon Labelling System

In an age-defining partnership, United Kingdom-based food tech start-up, Dynamify, and Swedish sustainability software specialist, Klimato, have joined forces to unveil a trailblazing digital carbon labelling system. 

This groundbreaking system is set to empower the catering industry to take monumental strides in reducing its carbon footprint.

Klimato’s Proven Track Record

Klimato, originating from Sweden, brings to the table an impressive track record of success in assisting food service providers, restaurants, and food producers in measuring, reporting, and mitigating carbon emissions associated with food production and service. 

Their proprietary cloud-based platform, operational in several European countries, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the Nordic region, has facilitated an astonishing average annual reduction of 10.9% in carbon footprints for over 3,000 restaurants. 

What’s even more impressive, this figure substantially surpasses the official UN recommendation of a 7.6% annual reduction.

Dynamify’s Digital Ordering Expertise and The Power of Integration

Dynamify, established in 2015, specialises in providing a comprehensive digital ordering platform that is white-labelled by contract caterers. This platform seamlessly integrates into off-the-high street restaurants, kitchens, and food & beverage retail establishments, fundamentally transforming their operations and customer experience.

What’s more,by seamlessly integrating Klimato’s cutting-edge carbon labelling tool into Dynamify’s platform, the partnership aims to empower businesses to more effectively manage their Scope 3 emissions. This encompasses a wide array of factors, including agricultural production, transportation, cooking, delivery, and waste management. 

Notably, early results suggest that the partnership has already facilitated catering clients in achieving impressive emissions reductions of up to 16% in just over a year.

Identifying Carbon Hotspots, Educating Consumers and Reducing Carbon Footprints

The introduction of the carbon labelling service will span all ordering channels, enabling companies to pinpoint carbon hotspots within their operations. This initiative will allow businesses to rectify back-of-house inefficiencies and make data-driven, strategic decisions to expedite carbon mitigation efforts.

Furthermore, the partnership envisions that increased visibility will not only benefit businesses but also raise awareness among customers regarding their carbon consumption. This heightened awareness is expected to empower the public to make more informed choices and actively participate in reducing their own carbon footprint.

Strong Demand in the UK, Proven Success and Ambitious Goals

The Head of Growth and UK Country Manager emphasised the significant demand within the UK catering industry for achieving such results, driven by an ever-growing environmental consciousness among consumers. 

Moreover, the UK’s food industry, which currently accounts for a staggering 35% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, now has a potent tool to work toward achieving the UN-recommended annual carbon reduction.

Furthermore, Dynamify Founder, Maxwell Harding, proudly highlighted that in sites where Dynamify and Klimato are already operational, a remarkable 23% reduction in their carbon footprint has been observed in just 18 months. 

Therefore, with the amalgamation of both services and the expansive rollout of carbon labelling across more ordering channels, they express supreme confidence in reaching an astonishing 30% reduction target.

A Commitment to a Sustainable Future

In the face of the ongoing climate emergency and extreme weather events, businesses are increasingly compelled to accelerate their journey toward the UK’s net-zero target by 2050. 

The introduction of digital carbon labelling is expected to catalyse transformations in product offerings among food service providers and retailers, aligning them with the growing consumer demand for sustainability.


To bring everything together, the strategic alliance between Dynamify and Klimato represents not only a significant milestone but also a model shift in the drive towards a more sustainable future. 

Their innovative digital carbon labelling system is poised to revolutionise the catering industry, enabling businesses to substantially reduce their carbon emissions while fostering consumer awareness and accountability. 

What’s more, with their impressive track record and ambitious goals, Dynamify and Klimato are leading the charge in the crucial battle against climate change, safeguarding the planet for generations to come. 

As they unveil their pioneering solution, they invite the world to join them in this imperative mission to cultivate a more environmentally responsible food industry, one carbon label at a time.

News Credits: Digital carbon labelling partnership aims to cut catering industry emissions over 30% by 2025

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