Savoury Pastry Leader Ginsters Unveils Trio of Delicious Innovations

Amidst the gentle embrace of autumn’s cool breeze, culinary enthusiasts are in for a treat as Ginsters, the vanguards of the Savoury Pastry Category, introduces a triumvirate of delectable new recipes this September. 

These mouthwatering creations, kissed by the essence of British ingredients, promise to capture the hearts and palates of seasoned aficionados and curious newcomers alike.

Ginsters’ culinary artisans have toiled meticulously to craft these culinary marvels, effortlessly blending cherished family classics with the timeless allure of beloved pub favourites. 

In a bold expansion of their culinary repertoire, Ginsters is set to simultaneously launch three new offerings across their Pasty, Slice, and Bakes ranges. This delectable trio not only satiates cravings but also mirrors the evolving desires of over half of today’s discerning consumers, breathing fresh air into the world of savoury pastries.

Introducing the Flavors of Temptation

You may be wondering about what these new flavours will be, well the wait is over as the details of these exciting flavours have been released. They are:

BBQ Hunters Chicken Slice (170g)

Retail Price: £1.95 Imagine succulent British chicken and crispy streaky bacon nestled within a smoky BBQ sauce, harmoniously embracing the richness of melted West Country cheese. 

This tantalising medley is then gently swathed in a light puff pastry, transforming a classic pub dish into an indulgent midday delight. Mark your calendars for September 25th, when this culinary masterpiece graces store shelves and consumer taste buds.

Smoky Beef Chilli Pasty (180g) 

Retail Price: £1.95 Embark on a journey through flavour with this savoury delight. A symphony of 100% British beef, potatoes, black turtle beans, kidney beans, onions, tomatoes, red peppers, garlic, and a hint of chilli come together in perfect harmony. 

Elevated by the touch of oak smoked sea salt, this creation is artfully encased in a light puff pastry, redefining the very essence of the pasty. Available from September 25th, this innovation promises to be a beacon of culinary exploration.

Mexican Bean Bake (117g) – Vegetarian

Retail Price: £1.50 A testament to the plant-based palate, Ginsters introduces a vegetarian marvel that caters to all taste preferences. 

The Mexican Bean Bake brings together black and red kidney beans in a richly spiced tomato sauce, complemented by the vibrant medley of peppers, smoked cheese, and a touch of coriander. 

This explosion of flavours rests within a delicate puff pastry, poised to captivate from September 11th onward.

Flavours Crafted from Insights

This triumvirate of flavours is a direct response to insightful consumer feedback. Meticulously curated with the finest British ingredients, these creations cater to the growing appetite for innovative taste experiences. 

Interestingly, it was found that recent research has unveiled a remarkable surge of 17% to 22% in the popularity of both Mexican and Modern British flavours. 

Therefore, Ginsters’ culinary experts have artfully channelled these trends into the delectable offerings that will be coming soon, culminating in a symphony of tradition and innovation that promises to delight the senses.

An Evolution of Taste

These new innovations underscore Ginsters’ commitment to culinary evolution. The BBQ Hunters Chicken Slice, a loving nod to the ambiance of British pubs, is elevated with the introduction of golden puff pastry, infusing the classic with an irresistible twist. 

Meanwhile, the Smoky Beef Chilli Pasty pioneers a new frontier by fusing the beloved chilli with flaky pastry, transcending the boundaries of pasty excellence.

Additionally, the Mexican Bean Bake introduces a welcome vegetarian option, further enriching Ginsters’ diverse portfolio. This revelation is a continuation of the bakes range’s triumphant journey, offering an irresistible lunchtime enhancement or a mid-afternoon delight. 

What’s more, the range’s impressive 5.2% penetration and £953k incremental contribution stand as testaments to its continued remarkable success.

A Recipe for Continued Triumph

With the unveiling of these novelties, Ginsters propels its legacy of success to greater heights. Over the past two years, their innovations have infused over £7.6 million into the category’s growth, a trajectory that these latest introductions are set to maintain. 

Beyond the enhancement of the brand’s profile, these flavours are poised to bring in new family shoppers, drawn by the allure of gastronomic exploration.

Furthermore, Ginsters’ unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in its dedication to quality ingredients and authentic flavours. All three creations, like their counterparts, proudly avoid the use of artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours, ensuring that the true essence of each ingredient remains the star.

A Fusion of Identity and Flavor

Ginsters’ brand evolution is encapsulated in its fresh packaging adorned with the scenic splendour of Hay Farm in Cornwall

What’s more, the Managing Director of Ginsters, speaking about these exciting strides, emphasised the brand’s pride in delivering unique flavour profiles across its ranges. 

Additionally, they added that this commitment ensures that each offering possesses its distinct identity, resonating with a wide spectrum of consumers while invigorating the entire category.

In Summary

These Pasty, Bake, and Slice innovations embody Ginsters’ dedication to providing a diverse array of delectable, high-quality lunch options that offer both satiation and satisfaction at accessible prices. 

Moreover, the fusion of British heritage with culinary innovation beckons all to embark on a journey that celebrates the essence of autumn’s embrace, promising unforgettable taste expeditions for everyone.

News Credits: Ginsters expands flavour repertoire with exciting new innovations across pasties, slices and bakes

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