Introducing Organic Herd: A New Chapter

Get ready for a remarkable transformation in the world of organic dairy farming! The distinguished British farmer-owned co-operative, formerly known as the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (Omsco), is stepping into a new era as Organic Herd.

This shift is more than just a name change; it’s a sweeping evolution that showcases the co-op’s unwavering dedication to leading the way in the organic dairy industry.

The rebranding to Organic Herd signifies a profound change in the co-op’s values, goals, and market presence. It’s a change that goes beyond the surface and reflects a deep commitment to sustainability, groundbreaking product innovation, and an exceptional level of engagement with customers.

Imagine a symphony of change, where the co-op transforms from a familiar figure to a trailblazing force. Organic Herd not only captures the unity and shared purpose of its farmer-owners, but also resonates with consumers who value natural and organic products.

Excitingly, this rebranding also marks the launch of a premium product line under the Organic Herd name. These products are built on three core pillars: ‘Proudly Sustainable,’ ‘Naturally Delicious,’ and ‘Always Organic.’ 

Picture carefully crafted aged cheddars that harmonise perfectly with a range of butter choices, redefining the concept of indulgence. And don’t miss the star of the show, milk drinking chocolates infused with tantalising flavours like truffle, port, caramel, and sea salt. 

Making these premium products accessible is a top priority for Organic Herd. They’ve joined forces with Peter Green, a respected company known for delivering chilled, frozen, and ambient gourmet treasures. 

What’s more, this collaboration will make it seamless for these products to reach a wide array of wholesalers and diverse retail locations.  Additionally, mark your calendar for September, when the spotlight will shine on Organic Herd’s products at the Speciality Fine Food Fair in London.

But it doesn’t stop there. Organic Herd’s journey isn’t just about great food; it’s also about sustainable practices. The co-op has maintained an impressive milk price of 49ppl (per standard litre), which is a remarkable commitment that stands out in the industry and benefits its 120 farmer-owners spread across the lush landscapes of England, Scotland, and Wales.

While focusing on local impact, Organic Herd is also looking beyond borders. Through well-established brands, like Kingdom Organic and British Organic Dairy Co, the co-op is making its mark on the global stage while keeping its cherished Grass Roots Dairy Co brand close to home.

The CEO of Organic Herd sums up this transformative journey as more than just a name change. It’s a shift towards being a hub of innovation, offering a diverse range of products, forming strategic partnerships, and finding new ways to connect with consumers. This evolution is all about progress and forging deeper connections, especially in matters related to the environment.

It should be noted that this change is just the beginning. Organic Herd is prepared for the challenges ahead, aiming to continually make positive changes in the dairy sector. Also, as Organic Herd becomes the trading name for the Omsco Group, the co-op remains grounded in its roots while embarking on an exciting path of reinvention.

In conclusion, the monumental shift to Organic Herd paints a vivid picture of transformation within this esteemed British farmer-owned co-operative. What’s more, it’s not just a name; it’s a declaration of commitment to sustainability, bold innovation, and meaningful engagement with consumers

From a conventional milk supplier to a pioneering force shaping the dairy landscape, Organic Herd stands as a symbol of resilience, growth, and a more sustainable future. Get ready for the exciting and inspiring journey ahead, as it will be interesting to see what else Organic Herd has in store!

News Credits: Omsco rebrands as Organic Herd

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