Expanding Horizons: Around Noon’s New Factory to Create 200 Jobs

In a resounding announcement set to reverberate through the heart of the food industry, Around Noon, a dynamic food-to-go manufacturer, has unveiled its ambitious blueprint to construct a state-of-the-art factory in the thriving business enclave of Slough, strategically positioned in close proximity to London

This strategic move, constituting a pivotal pillar of the company’s ongoing investment strategy, ushers in a new era as Around Noon prepares to inaugurate its sixth manufacturing stronghold. 

What’s more, this noteworthy expansion takes centre stage following the company’s meteoric trajectory, underscored by its recent acquisition of the esteemed Soho Sandwich Company, an iconic culinary establishment nestled in the vibrant tapestry of North London.

Embodying a commitment to culinary excellence, innovation, and precision, Around Noon’s forthcoming 30,000 square foot factory is destined to transcend industry benchmarks. Nestled within the bustling expanse of the Slough Trading Estate, this cutting-edge facility not only serves as a testament to Around Noon’s steadfast ethos but also emerges as a dynamic epicentre, set to invigorate the local economy through the creation of an impressive 200 job opportunities. 

What’s more, as the company’s total workforce swells to a remarkable 1,000 individuals, the strategic allocation of 300 personnel within the bustling hub of Slough affirms the company’s symbiotic relationship with the community.

With an aura of pride, the CEO of Around Noon proclaimed that their journey within the realms of Slough has been a narrative of triumph. From a modest £4 million annual revenue in 2018, they’ve orchestrated an extraordinary crescendo, now commanding a staggering £30 million per annum. 

Furthermore, this narrative of exponential growth is mirrored in the staggering production of over 400,000 products per week, emanating from the bowels of their existing Slough factory. Now armed with additional premises at the Slough Trading Estate, Around Noon stands poised to not just meet, but surpass its expansion goals, perpetuating its relentless quest for advancement.

Yet, the narrative being woven here extends beyond mere numbers; it’s a chronicle of responsible progress. The original factory is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, aligning seamlessly with the ‘Responsible SERGRO‘ commitment, a living testament to the developer’s commitment to environmental stewardship

The factory’s architecture, adorned with sleek photovoltaic panels, stands as a testament to harnessing sunlight for electricity generation. Further amplifying this vision, energy-efficient LED luminaires and electric vehicle charging points intertwine to formulate a harmonious symphony, underlining Around Noon’s strides towards a greener, sustainable tomorrow.

For SERGRO, the visionary property development entity that masterminded this transformation, Around Noon’s expansion, is an embodiment of visionary foresight harmonising with the currents of adaptability

The Managing Director of Thames Valley at SERGRO applauded this as the pinnacle, showcasing how their meticulously crafted workspace, coupled with an intuitive understanding of their clients’ bespoke requirements, has seamlessly facilitated the retention and expansion of their multifaceted customer base at the Slough Trading Estate. 

Moreover, the orchestration of such an intricate dance between industry luminaries resonates as a testimony to the potency of collaboration within thriving ecosystems.

Within an economic landscape where vacant real estate is a rarity, the Slough Trading Estate boasts an astonishingly low 2.7% vacancy rate, a testament to the region’s vibrancy. Within this backdrop, Around Noon’s evolution stands as a striking tribute to business resilience, unwavering innovation, and the transformative potential of strategic partnerships.

As the Slough Trading Estate continues to expand and Around Noon’s ascent charts an unwavering trajectory, the new factory stands as an emblem, a testament to industrial leadership, sustainable expansion, and the profound ripple effect of visionary collaboration. 

Within the container of this venture lies a fusion of culinary artistry, economic dynamism, and environmental stewardship, poised to carve an indelible legacy within the history of both business and culinary science.

News Credits: Around Noon to open new factory in London

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