KTC Edibles’ Tells of its Seven-Figure Boost for Bakery Business

In a strategic move that not only underscores its commitment to growth but also highlights its astute business acumen, edible fats and oils manufacturer KTC Edibles has unfurled a momentous seven-figure investment in the heart of Scotland‘s bakery heritage – Cardowan Creameries

This significant financial infusion, meticulously planned as part of KTC’s expansive vision, is set to cast ripples of transformation across the bakery landscape.

Doubling Down on Capacity and Culinary Craftsmanship

The cornerstone of this investment revolves around a bold ambition – KTC Edibles is embarking on a mission to amplify the bakery prowess of Cardowan Creameries by doubling its production capacity. 

Nestled in the vibrant city of Glasgow, this expansion paints a vivid picture of the firm’s forward-thinking approach. This strategic move comes hand in hand with the launch of an extended range of specialty bakery fats, meticulously designed to satiate the cravings of both connoisseurs and health-conscious patrons.

A Symphony of Heritage and Modernity

The acquisition of Cardowan in March 2023 was no mere transaction; it was an embrace of Glasgow’s rich culinary heritage. Speaking with an unmistakable gleam of enthusiasm, the KTC sales director praised Cardowan’s storied journey. 

Rooted deep within the food industry, the site boasts a storied history interwoven with the pulse of Glasgow. Its legacy is backed by a highly skilled team, whose culinary craftsmanship resonates in every delectable creation that emerges from the bakery.

Unveiling Potential Through Expansion and Expertise

In a move that’s poised to infuse a newfound dynamism, the expansion blueprint envisages the broadening of Cardowan’s premises, the integration of novel capabilities, and the addition of remarkable talent to its ranks. 

Furthermore, this augmentation isn’t just about enhancing numbers; it’s about harnessing potential. It’s about KTC Edibles invigorating Cardowan with new life, catalysing its growth trajectory and injecting a fresh burst of vibrancy into its operations.

A Maestro at the Helm

Central to this unfolding saga is Christopher Holland, the newly appointed general manager of the Glasgow site. With a professional voyage spanning over two decades in the intricate realms of food and beverage, Holland brings an invaluable treasure trove of experience and vision to the table. 

Moreover, his stints at Balanda Food Industries and Muller Milk & Ingredients Bellshill have bestowed him with an intuitive understanding of the industry’s pulse, making him the ideal helmsman to navigate Cardowan through this transformative phase.

A Glance Back, a Leap Forward

Established in the hallowed year of 1930, Cardowan stands not just as a factory but as a repository of craftsmanship. Its specialised margarines, to the tune of 20,000 tonnes annually, grace the shelves of manufacturers and wholesalers both within the United Kingdom and across international borders. 

Furthermore, the acquisition of Cardowan ushers in a new chapter in KTC Group’s saga, propelling the combined turnover to a staggering £550 million. As the first in a series of acquisitions, this move casts a tantalising glimpse into the collective ambitions of KTC’s visionary owner, Endless.

In Conclusion

As KTC Edibles and Cardowan Creameries intertwine their destinies, a symphony of heritage, expertise, and aspiration resonates. This investment isn’t just about business; it’s about crafting a future where every bite encapsulates a narrative of history and innovation

What’s more, the promise of a bakery industry empowered by choice, sustainability, and culinary excellence stands before us, beckoning with each tantalising aroma and each mouthwatering creation. With their paths now conjoined, KTC and Cardowan embark on a journey that’s as flavorful as it is audacious.

News Credits: KTC Edibles announces multi-million pound investment in bakery business

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